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In Summary 10/11

Chloe | Boxwood Ave.Comment

This week 'in summary': things that happened, things you need to know about, things you don't need to know about (but I'll share it anyways), and anything else I feel like putting into words.  

  • Blake Lively is pregnant.  See her gorgeous bridal shower here (tie-dyed onsies have never been so chic).
  • Olivia Palermo is FINALLY talking about coming out with her own clothing line.  Hopefully soon!
  • If this is true about Bey and Jay, Christmas has come early.
  • Further more...all the Carter's in Paris.  
  • Tyra Banks is set to launch her own makeup line, I'm not sure how I feel about it, but her quote made me laugh: "Without makeup, I would have never been a supermodel. I don't wake up with naturally sculpted cheekbones — I paint them on!"   Heard that!
  • Lastly in case you've been hiding under a rock, Malala Yousafzay was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize - the youngest awardee ever, in any category.