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DIY Leaf Stamped Tea Towel

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Easy gift idea - leaf stamping on a flour sack. From

We've had a lot of cold weather here on the west coast (thank you El Nino), but I am holding onto the season, because guess what, contrary to popular belief: IT'S STILL FALL!

We are able to hide from the Christmas takeover that Hobby Lobby, WalMart, and Michael's somehow seem to throw up all over us the day after Halloween, because we don't have any big box stores up here (except for the RiteAid, and they're just as guilty as WalMart). It's as if 'ChristmasTheDayAfterHalloween' is part of these stores' too-much-Halloween-candy cleanse. There's no fighting it, but that doesn't mean I have to start posting Christmas crafts before Thanksgiving has even happened right? 

Earlier this week I posted this 1-ingredient caramel recipe, and now I'm sharing step two of what will ultimately be a great Thanksgiving hostess gift basket. It's this easy and fun leaf stamped flour sack tea towel! 

I got the inspiration from this post, and thought, hey, that would go great in my gift basket. I happened to have some extra flour sacks lying around, so about 10 minutes later, I had myself another great fall DIY in the books. 


  • Flour Sack 
  • Fabric Paint in Varying Colors 
  • Paint Brush 
  • Assorted Leaves

Step 1: Lay your flour sack onto a flat surface. Some of the paint may seep through the fabric, so you might want to layer some newspaper underneath. 

Step 2: Paint the back of one of the leaves, then flip over and press into the fabric. Use your hands to make sure the leaf has been thoroughly pressed (even the stem!), then peel back to reveal the print! 

Step 3: Repeat with different leaves and paint colors, then allow to dry. Once dry, iron the towel to set the paint into the fabric. 

*Tip - Don't use a dry/cracking leaves for this project, they will fall apart when you press them into the fabric!

Easy gift idea - leaf stamping on a flour sack. From

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