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You're Gonna Love: Food52 Launches A Registry Feature and Everything Has Changed

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Thus far, wedding planning has been a dream. Sure, there have been moments when I've felt stressed, irritated, or overwhelmed, but for the majority of our engagement, I've just felt overjoyed.  

One of the most fun experiences we've had together, was creating our registry. Obviously we don't have a Pottery Barn here, so we made the trek to Sacramento, and had a little fun using the wonderfully dated registry remotes. By the end of our day, we had successfully registered for 16 sets of wine glasses, an $8,000 pool table, and some candles. Thank goodness for online editing. 

Using the online registry feature that seems to be on every one of my favorite stores, it was easy for me to be tempted to create a registry at every single one, which probably wouldn't have translated very well to our guests..."she wants how many drink dispensers?

To be honest, for a while, we had a registry at six stores. Fortunately, one of my friends was able to talk some sense into me, and I not so happily narrowed it all down to four, by combining wine glasses, knives, and cutting boards into a "well curated" selection. 

Then, one miraculous day...Food52 added a registry feature to their site. I mean seriously!? Right when I thought I had things under control, I was now at a complete loss. Was there a button to register for everything? From copper doughnut cutters to vintage champagne coupes, the Food52 shop basically carries everything we imagined our dream kitchens to hold, plus so much more. A major-huge-giant-out-of-this-world bonus of the Food52 registry feature, is that it's simple to use. I wish some of the other registry hot-spots (cough,cough Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn...) would take a page out of Food52's playbook.  I loved that I could add items to our registry with one click, and without being redirected to a new page. 

Here are some of my favorites that we have selected to add to our registry, enjoy!

My Registry Must Haves

If you're not familiar with Food52, you can read their amazing manifesto here; but basically, it's the food blog to end all food blogs. In 2013, the founders launched "Provisions" which was an addition to the site that allowed readers to buy some of their favorite products. Provisions turned into a huge success and is now simply referred to as "the shop" where you can stock your pantry, drawers, and home with artisan goods. 

This is an affiliate post; however, my opinions and praises are all my own!