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In Summary 1/11

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Are you ready for the weekly round up of the haps?  I know I am!  Before we get to that, let's talk about a little something called a Liebster Award.  It's a nomination given to bloggers by bloggers.   With a goal of spreading link love and introducing new blogs to a larger audience.  This morning I woke up to a lovely nomination from Paperclips and Peonies, so keep an eye out for that post tomorrow!  

  • The biggest news of the week: Blake gave birth!!  I am comme ci comme ca about this because it means we won't get our weekly maternity wear fix (because come on, no one has done it better than Blake).  However, I'm sure the baby will have the best little human closet.  Ever.  
  • Speaking of adorable little human closets, let's all celebrate Blue's birthday with this
  • The second biggest news of the week: Lily Pulitzer for Target; summer BBQs here we come. 
  • Your heart will melt when you see George show Amal off on the red carpet. 
  • Huh!?  Brad Pitt and Angelina have been married since last summer!?
  • For those of us currently engaged, J. Crew's 'discovered' has everything we could possibly want.  I mean need.  Are shoes acceptable to put on my registry?

Hey let's exchange digits!