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In Summary 2/1

Chloe | Boxwood Ave.2 Comments

Happy Super Bowl Day everyone!  Is that a term?  I'm asking because I actually couldn't care less about football.  Don't get me wrong, I'll enjoy a game every now and then, but I'm pretty sure a few years ago they messed up the scheduling, because there was a football game going on during a Beyonce concert.  Just sayin'...

  • If you're only in it for the food and the commercials; here are the best Superbowl ads so far (I'm writing this pre-game) according to Vogue.  
  • As if we needed any more convincing that flower crowns should be a daily thing.... Thank you Valentino.
  • Jessica and Justin finally confirm the elephant in the tabloids (in the cutest way ever).  
  • Reese Witherspoon is SO adorable, watch this video to see her gorgeous home (and her do a back-handspring).  
  • You've gotta see Kanye's music vid featuring little Nori, and watch his unamused reaction to Ellen.  
  • I sure hope this is true...(Kendall and Kylie for TopShop!)

If you're more interested in the puppy-bowl than the super-bowl, then maybe we should be friends.