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Five Hair Masks That Will Save Your Hair From Summer

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Oh summertime how we love you!  Longer evenings, barbecues, days spent at the beach.  Pure bliss!  I think most of us can finally agree that sunscreen is an added step to our beauty routine during the summer months, which is great!  Amazing really, considering the way our mother's treated their skin in their early years.  However, what about our hair?  Between the chlorine, heat, and UV rays, our hair takes as much of a beating as our skin.  Luckily for us, hair masks are widely available, and come in many varieties for all hair types.  Just like sunscreen for the skin, deep conditioning treatments help protect and repair damaged locks, so you can feel free to go hatless at the beach, or opt for extra highlights next time you're at the salon. Here are five hair masks to protect you hair this summer:

  1. Rahua (ra-wa) Omega 9 Hair Mask is made with all sorts of ingredients you could find at Whole Foods, but don't worry, this 100% natural product is not a high priced Pinterest project. Once I started using Rahua's finishing treatment, I noticed a huge difference in how soft and strong my hair felt, so you can be sure you'll see results with the Omega 9 Hair Mask. 
  2. The number one product my stylist recommended for damaged hair is Olaplex.  In fact, every stylist I've spoken with, agrees that the hype behind the overnight success of a company is completely justified. The first two steps of the Olaplaex treatments are applied during the coloring process at the salon, but the No. 3 Hair Perfector is something that can be used at home on a weekly basis.  Only available through salons, use Olaplex's online tool to find a distributor near you. 
  3. ALTERNA Haircare's Rehab Deep Hydration Masque is formulated with all organic and ethically traded materials. Using Bamboo extract, this formula strengthens the hair. In addition, the masque contains Kalahari Melon Extract which helps prevent color fading.
  4. Phytoplage After Sun Recovery Mask is just that - the perfect mask to help your strands recover from damaging UV rays.  If you forgot to wear your hat (or you were just having a really stellar hair day), you may want to give this a shot.  It will revive your hair leaving it soft and elastic. 
  5. Lastly, if spending a ton of money on hair products is out of the question, or you've switched over to an all natural beauty routine, try some good ol' fashioned coconut oil.  Let a dollop melt in your hand and apply to the ends of your hair.  I like to braid my hair and sleep with it in overnight.  This is about as close as I will get to trying Blake Lively's mayonnaise trick.

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