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Wine Shopping Made Easy with WineSimple

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One thing you learn when moving to the middle of nowhere: you’ve gotta plan ahead. Something I’ve realized I’m not great at. When we lived in the city, I was able to pop into a market on a daily basis, but that luxury is definitely a thing of the past. I’ve quickly learned to keep cans of garbanzo beans in the cupboard, and thank goodness for our on site grocery store (the chickens) for nights when I don’t have anything to fix for supper.

I’m pretty good at scavenging for dinner items – who says you can’t pour Hershey’s syrup in some expired milk and call dinner? But there’s one thing for certain: if we’re out of wine or coffee, I can.not.function. Okay, I could probably function – but it wouldn’t be pretty.

So, when I discovered WineSimple, I was like Wine? Simple? Tell me more.

Think of WineSimple as your personal shopper for wine (I know, it just keeps getting better). You take their simple quiz to determine your palate, then they send you wine. It’s a very great relationship. The subscription service can be paused or canceled at any time, although I doubt you’d want to, the boutique wines you receive in your box are scientifically proven to be delicious!

If nothing else, pop over to take the taste profile quiz, it’s super fun to find out what you think you already know about your wine preferences.

I’m a red girl through and through, I thought about opting for some white, but knew that Greg would definitely not be up for taste testing with me if I selected white (there’s something about a man drinking white wine…). So alas, I ordered a box of all red. If you remember on snapchat, the WineSimple box was waiting on my front porch for me in a robe and a cigar, okay not really, but in my head, that’s how great it was.

I planned a romantic dinner for Greg and I to try our wine out. He had been traveling for a week, and then I went out of town. We definitely needed something to turn up the romance, and what better than alcohol and our wedding playlist on repeat?

When I opened the box, I was a little disappointed by the bottle of Rosso. Considering I had decided I don’t like Rosso after trying some from a 7-11, but the bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon made up for it, because cab has been my staple for years!

I poured our wine, popped dinner in the oven, and turned on our wedding playlist. It was just what we needed. We spun around the kitchen a few times, then stopped to taste our wine. I was so surprised that my least favorite of the trio was the cab (even though it was still delicious!), and guess what? Both Greg and my favorite was the Rosso. Mental note – never buy 7-11 wine again.

I loved getting wine delivered to our doorstep, and I loved knowing that the wine was going to please my very sophisticated wine palate ;). Next time, I think I will try the box of mixed wine to give some white wine a try! You’ll love WineSimple, especially if you’re sick of the same ol’ bottle of Trader Joe’s Sauv Blanc you’ve been drinking for years. Come on sister, broaden your horizons! If it weren’t for WineSimple, how would I have known that I actually like Rosso!?

My taste profile quiz showed me that I like an intense medium weight wine. Now I know what to ask for at restaurants! What did your quiz reveal to you? Let me know in the comments below! 

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This post was made possible by WineSimple, I hope you know how much your trust means to me, and I would never work with a company that I did not feel benefited you, my readers!