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You're Gonna Love: Dreams By the Sea

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It's time to feature my favorite etsy shop of the week, and technically I've always loved this shop, but it would be shellfish of me not to share.  The name: Dreams By The Sea perfectly describes the enchanting items featured within the pages of the shop, but be careful you may want to become a mermaid and swim away after purchasing some of her hair accessories (maybe you could settle for Halloween, but honestly, I don't know if you'd ever want to take your costume off).  

And in case being a mermaid isn't your thing (why are you reading my blog?! just kidding...kind of) here are some options for you, from her other shop: Echo and Laurel

Last week I talked about shop titles, and this week I want to talk a little bit about tagging.  Tagging can actually be one of your most valuable assets when listing an item, but I think it often gets overlooked...perhaps because adding tags is one of the last steps when listing an item.  

When I first started out, I rarely used up all of my tags and I never included colors.  I simply didn't even think to.  Now I know better!  Tags should encompass all of the important details that didn't make the cut in the item's title.  

Sometimes it's easy to get wrapped up in our own items and start considering 'iodized silver plating' an everyday word, but in reality, your average customer probably isn't going to search for 'iodized silver plating' when they go looking for a 'handmade silver plated necklace'.  Always keep in mind what search words the customer is going to be using to find your item, usually: specific colors, unique fabrics or textures, styles, and other specific adjectives that are google friendly.

Now that the front page of etsy is different, you don't need to be as concerned with treasuries, but you should focus on trending items.  Trending items can help give you an idea of what customers are searching for, and if some of these colors or keywords are applicable to your shop's items, I would urge you to add them into your tags.  

If you want to read some more information about tagging and titling here is a great post.  

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