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You're Gonna Love: Layered + Long

Chloe | Boxwood Ave.Comment

Well we all survived another Monday, and I am posting late.  Today zoomed by, but productively!  I got everything done today that I was supposed to get done yesterday (except the laundry).  Go me!  

When we went to Paris, I was set on finding the perfect trinket to ask my girls to be bridesmaids; unfortunately, I found nothing in the city of love.  So when I got back to the states, I wanted to find something amazing (and at the right price point).  Cue Layered + Long, my favorite Etsy shop of the week!  They specialize in dainty layering necklaces that anyone will love.  

We will be getting married in the fall of next year, so I decided on the little twig necklaces - hopefully my maids will get the 'stick' pun and aren't wondering why I got them a stick necklace.  

For my Etsy tip this week, I want to talk about friendship!  Having Etsy friends is a great way to expand your shop to a new audience and gain support!  I found it extremely helpful and encouraging to join an active Etsy group.  I emphasize active because an active group will keep you motivated and make being in the group worth your time.  

To effectively reach a new audience who might actually buy your awesome stuff, you should aim to find a niche group that works well with your product.  Your new friends will stop at nothing to help you promote your shop, it's true!   

Etsy groups are a great way to meet new people and get featured in treasuries, but they are also a great opportunity for critique and encouragement.  Most groups will play a 'game' where you comment in a thread and then critique the shop from the commenter before you, sometimes a blind eye will pick up on things you may have missed in the editing process (like spelling errors, or left out details).  

My biggest tip is to find a group that you mesh well with; don't join a group just because they have a million members and you want to be featured in their treasuries.  The Etsy communities are a valuable asset, and are definitely worth your while!

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