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You're Gonna Love: Linea Carta

Chloe | Boxwood Ave.1 Comment

Diva Pyari is the quirky genius behind the etsy shop Linea Carta.  The adorable shop has products ranging from bracelets to aprons, but has a beautiful simplicity about it.  It's very hard for an etsy shop to successfully sell bracelets next to coasters, but Diva does it with flair.  Each item finds itself perfectly at home in the well curated collection.  

Linea Carta is based in the San Francisco area, but the collection was inspired from Diva's time spent in Italy.  Each design is screen printed by hand, with non toxic water based inks onto sustainable linens and recycled paper.  

You may have seen some of her work the last time you visited Anthropologie; they are big fans of her design's natural beauty and unique calligraphic skill.  By now, I'm sure you are too, and guess what?  She's offering all Boxwood Avenue readers 15% off their entire purchase with code SPRING15, so head on over and shop 'til you drop!

You can find more Linea Carta on instagram, twitter, Facebook, and Diva's blog!

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