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You're Gonna Love: Redraven Studios

Chloe | Boxwood Ave.2 Comments

I've loved this shop for a long time, but I hadn't visited her in a while.  While I was deciding who to feature this week I immediately thought of her awesome porcelain acorns.  As soon as I landed on her shop, I read about Amy Hamley's (the shop owner) amazing news, Redraven Studios was nominated for The 2014 Martha Stewart American Made Awards - what an accomplishment!  I love each and every one of her pieces, and admire her creativity and artistic skill.  I think you will like her too!

You can read an article here about Amy and how she broke into the wholesale market; some of you etsy sellers might want to pick up a few tips.  

Porcelain and Gold Leaf Acorn Ornament: Set of 3 $24

Porcelain and Gold Leaf Acorn Ornament: Set of 3 $24

Are you a pottery junky?  Read about Redraven Studio's process here.  Isn't the hand painting amazing, I love the color combo!

Salad Plate with 14K Hand Painted Gold: $46

Salad Plate with 14K Hand Painted Gold: $46

My Etsy tip for you today is about your shop item titles.  The trick is to find the sweet spot of having enough keywords, but not having too much distraction.  I accomplish this by going into my shop stats and looking to see what common keywords are being used to find my shop.  There will probably be a few words that stick out: I would include the top three keywords in every item's title within the shop.  

For instance - if you're selling pillows you may have "Black and White Striped Pillow" as a title, but after looking at your shop stats, you find that people are finding your shop by searching for "Minimalist Decor", you may want to add minimalist and decor to your item title.  A nice way to do this without making your item look like a long list of keywords is to add dashes between statements.  For the case above, you could title the item as "Black and White Striped Pillow - Minimalist Decor".  

By adding the dash, you're keeping your titles clean, but you're also adding the necessary keywords to be found!  Furthermore, you may want to simply think of how your customer would search for your item.  If your pillow is a vintage pillow, make sure to add that (or vise-versa in the case of a hand-made item).  If your pillow is made of a specialized or designer fabric be sure to include those details in your title too.  It's easy once you start thinking like a customer!  

If you'd like even more information, etsy has a great post here and here regarding shop titles.