A new Perspective on Vacations

January 25, 2016

After moving to the country, ‘vacations’ take on a whole new meaning. Two years ago, I would’ve described a vacation as a trip to Maui; full of cocktails and a bikini, but since moving, “vacation” means heading to the big city – also known as Reno (population: 233,000). The word that most people use for their relaxation now means getting to go to Costco on a Sunday. And if I am lucky, having the opportunity to pop into a Whole Foods.

To me  ‘vacation’ still entails pedicures with my sister and friends, but at one of those places you can walk into without a reservation, rather than on a trip to San Francisco. I realized I have a completely new look on the subject. Yes, vacation still means tropical paradise and mojitos, but it also means a bi-weekly trip to the city to pick up groceries and catch up with my girlfriends.

When I chat with friends I’ve made on the ranch, I think they have the same feeling, they love escaping the small town for a trip to the city, and soak up every second of that Costco trip.

Greg and I judge the length of our vacation by which suitcase we pack – either ‘big red’ or ‘little purple’, generally a weekend getaway is a ‘little purple’ which represents the small overnight bag we both share (yes, it’s extremely masculine, fit for a cowboy); however, if we are planning a bit longer of a trip to the city we break out the big guns: big red, one of the best purchases I’ve ever made at TJ Maxx.  

Nowadays, when Greg and I pull into “the city” we both opt for a cocktail to celebrate our vacation. It’s absolutely hilarious to my friends, and also to my former self, who would have balked at a Cheesecake Factory margarita. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t move back to the city even if I had the choice, but it’s nice to be able to get away, and remember that there’s a real world out there, with traffic, franchises, and more than five restaurants within the city limits.

When we moved, I always thought I’d carry my city ways with me, and in a way I do; but today, when I drove into “town” – I remember thinking, “my God! When did all of these people move here!?” Well, the fact of the matter is that they’ve always lived here (Reno), it’s always been this busy, and yes, there’s always been this much traffic. I never would’ve thought twice about this two years ago, but today, I was completely amazed by the fact that hundreds of thousands of people can coexist in the same amount of space that only 99 people do in Likely.

It’ll be interesting to raise kids in a reality just the opposite of that – not knowing anything different than “big city vacations”. I wonder what their perspective of “city life” will be and what a vacation will mean to them? Maybe they will consider the Cheesecake Factory to be the nicest restaurant in the world, and going to the mall will be like going to Time’s Square – or maybe we will take them often enough that they’ll fall in love with city life and want to move there (I sure hope not!).

 A look at our last A look at our last “real” vacation – Maui, our Honeymoon  Seeing Greg in shorts, without cowboy boots. WEIRD!  Seeing Greg in shorts, without cowboy boots. WEIRD!   A look at our last A look at our last “real” vacation – Maui, our Honeymoon. I became OBSESSED with this hat from the men’s section of the gift shop. It blew away at least 75 times, and I stopped at nothing to rescue it. 

In the midst of writing this post, I booked a trip to Austin, TX. A REAL vacation. We get to fly on an airplane, and I think, “we are so fortunate to have the opportunity to travel.” Since moving, we have been to London, Paris, Switzerland, Hawaii, and have now added Texas to our list. My mother in law always talks about how important it was for her mom (who was a city girl relocated too) to provide worldly experiences for her. She talks about going to the theatre in San Francisco, and shopping in Sacramento, and says that it really helped her understand that there was a world outside of Likely. I am incredibly thankful that Greg and I will be able to show our children that aspect of the world too, and I hope (fingers crossed) that our children will appreciate it, and grow to be well rounded little cowboys and cowgirls.

PS – my family is going to read this and assume I’m pregnant. Which I am not. STOP ASSUMING MOM.

Love you all! Thank you so much for reading! What’s your perspective on vacation?

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