“Animal House” Takes on a Whole New Meaning

August 21, 2016

Earlier this year, one of my horses, Holly, began to founder on the green grass provided to us by the irrigation efforts of the ground-squirrels. We keep the horses in a large pasture in the front of our house, but were forced to move them to the barn arenas when Holly overindulged herself.

We don’t have water rights to the field, therefore we don’t irrigate the pasture (we probably wouldn’t even if we did have rights), but over the years, the squirrels have made irrigation paths on their own, allowing the ditch water to drain into the field. My best friend/neighbors said, “that’s the only good thing I’ve ever heard of squirrels doing.”

They are nasty creatures around here, and when I say there are millions of them, I’m not joking.

But their irrigation skills caused quite the feast for the horses, so for the past couple of months the horses have been in barn jail, and hating their lives.

They ‘redecorated’ on multiple occasions, the latest edition was a completely destructed feed rack (which happened while we were on vacation). We deemed it was time to move them to the dry field behind our house. I was reluctant because Holly has been on a strict diet, and I wasn’t sure if she would have the self control to keep the weight off. Lord knows I don’t.

Yesterday was move day, so we haltered them up and walked them to the creek in the dry field. Leave it to Oakley to swim across the ditch to find the only patch of green grass in the entire field (probably about 3 acres).

We headed back up to the house to finish up chores, and when I turned around there were three curious faces looking at me wondering if I had any treats. The only thing I had handy were a few onions that I had just harvested, so I walked out to the apple orchard to get them a little happy hour surprise. They were impressed with my gifts, and decided to spend the evening with us by the house.

Tonight, when I went out to put the goats to bed, they came running up to me wondering if I had any more apples. I bet you can already guess that I did. We are hoping that they will help ward off the coyotes at night, so I’d like to keep them as close to the goat pen as possible – hence apple bait.

Now my nighttime ritual will include giving them a few strokes with the brush after I put the babies (goats) to bed. I can get used to having all of my animals within 50 feet of me at all times ;). It’s just one big happy family out here!

This week I’ve got a really fun DIY project in the works in partnership with Home Depot, and Friday’s cocktail post is a boozy classic that has been on repeat this summer. As always, thank you for being here, I love being able to share my daily life with you! 

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