12 Beautiful Outdoor Wood Storage Sheds

January 9, 2017

A series of beautiful outdoor wood storage sheds that will give you serious garden envy!

I am embarrassed to tell you that I have just ordered the shed for the boys. I had plans to do this before Thanksgiving, but the weeks slipped by, and before I knew it, 2016 was gone. What should’ve been here in the new year, now won’t be here until Valentine’s Day.

Part of what held me back, was my quest in finding the perfect inspiration. Some might balk at my desire to have a beautiful shed for my babies, but this is important business. I finally took a few hours out of my day to search outdoor storage sheds online in hopes of finding the perfect design.

As I drafted my email with my inspiration photos to the owner of the shed company, I silently apologized to him for my nuttiness. By the time my email was complete, I had 12 bullet points of requests.

Bullet point 9 read: 

“I’d like this to be floor-less, as it will be for my goats.”

I wonder if he continued reading.

Narrowing down my ideal design to one inspiration image was incredibly difficult because there are so many beautiful storage sheds to select from. Since I can’t have it all, I thought it might be nice to round them up into one post for us to admire just how beautiful outdoor storage sheds can be.

12 Beautiful Outdoor Wood Storage Sheds

Boxwood Avenue

This storage shed is the water pump house on the ranch. I have a little bit of a love affair with this building. The old shingles, the board & batten siding, the wood frame window – they all speak to my old-world loving soul. The chickens seem to quite like this building too.

Yves Town

Two words: dream shed. I don’t much else to say about that.

Country Living | Max Kim Bee

Found via Country Living, it looks as if this might be a guest bedroom cottage. I love the natural wear on the boards, and the little garden path leading up to the entrance. I think I could find myself right at home in this little space.

Capecod Life

Kolter Farms

Double barn doors on storage sheds are a good option for those that need extra light, or want to fit something like a lawn mower or ATV inside. The gold hardware on the slant roof shed has inspired me to add gold hardware to ours once it is ready. Don’t you think that will be beautiful?

Wright Sheds

Anything with a wreath instantly steals my heart. I love the little farmhouse light above the barn doors, and the mint color of the siding is the perfect pop of color. I usually lean towards all-white, but seeing how wonderfully done this shed is, I might go crazy and add some soft greens or blues.

Design Sponge

Speaking of blue doors… This is Kendall Charcoal from Benjamin Moore, the perfect shade for outdoor storage sheds or garden sheds. I think I would add some brass hardware to the doors. I love the little address sign below the eaves – my sister gifted me a ‘welcome’ goat sign for my birthday last year. I know exactly where I will hang it once our shed arrives.

New England Home | Laura Moss

Caroline Allison | Garden & Gun

Alison Carabasi of Hillbrook Collections | via Veranda

via Better Homes & Gardens

Going with a dark color and white trim is quite beautiful as seen above. I particularly like the idea of growing vines up the side, although I don’t think my goats would allow them to grow very tall. Perhaps out in the garden?

source unknown | via pinterest

The shed above reminds me of the pump house on the ranch – my dream shed! Do you have an outdoor storage shed on your property? Or do you dream of getting one? I can’t wait for ours to arrive!

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  1. Although wooden sheds require much more maintenance than their resin cousins the tender loving care they need is worth it. A good one ages so gracefully. I love the one taken from Yvestown website, what a beauty.

  2. Yes i have one in my property and definitely it’s a dream shed because i have made lot of efforts in making that particular shed.

  3. My wife and I just started a home business in which our shed is our workspace and showroom. We build custom home decor and furniture in farmhouse style!!
    Our page, Kinat’s Farmhouse 2 Tables on Facebook has pictures of our shed!

  4. The unknown source garden shed (last pic I think) from Pinterest is the garden shed in the Colonial Williamsburg historic garden in Williamsburg, VA! I love it too:)

  5. Storage sheds are really beneficial for bikes. I have recently made one for my bike and car, after placing both into it i locked the door of the shed. This help me in preventing the entry of thefts in the shed also.