Getting Ready With “Hello Darling!”: Tips, Tricks, and Advice

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Even though we no longer live in Reno, we visit quite often, and I still do most of my shopping, and all of my beauty rituals there. One of my staple stores is MAC – you might have your own opinions about the makeup store, but I’ve been getting my makeup done there since I was in middle school. I completely trust the girls who work there, and wouldn’t ever cheat on them… That is, unless one of the most amazing artists decides to skip out and be a total #girlboss by opening up her own shop. 

Cue: Hello Darling!

 Gagewood  Wedding & Lifestyle Photography Gagewood  Wedding & Lifestyle Photography

For those of you who may be reading from somewhere else other than Reno, you may want to consider a visit! Reno has come leaps and bounds over the past couple of years, and is redefining itself. One of the cutest little spots is down by the River – there are monthly wine walks, great yoga studios, and of course, fabulous restaurants. So where else would Hello Darling live, but on the river? 

Neighboring one of the most popular coffee shops in Reno, Hello Darling is nestled on a cobblestone patio that is perfectly picturesque. The kicker? Their receptionist sits on a rope swing while answering calls. How cute is that!? 

The salon is extremely intimate, and only employs four make up artists and hair stylists. When I asked Jessica (one of the co-founders) why they keep it small, she replied that they only want the best of the best to represent Hello Darling. I couldn’t agree more, quality is always better than quantity. 

I have the best time getting ready with Jessica and Nicole from Hello Darling as they prepped me for a day with the wonderful ladies from Swoon, captured by Kari from Gagewood Photo. (Bonus – they used their favorite Oribe products on me, my hair smelled amazing for days!)

 Gagewood  Wedding & Lifestyle Photography Gagewood  Wedding & Lifestyle Photography

What is the best piece of advice you can give a bride on her big day?

We always like to tell brides to remember to stay classic and true to themselves! We know that certain styles are trendy and fun, but they will want to look back on their wedding pictures in 20 years and still look like recognizable! 

What mistake do you see brides making during the beauty process? 

When brides get their minds completely set on an exact picture of hair and makeup. Things will never look the exact same, so view photos as more of an inspiration and not an exact guideline.

 Gagewood  Wedding & Lifestyle Photography Gagewood  Wedding & Lifestyle Photography

Pinterest – love or loathe? 

L-O-V-E!!!! This allows us to view not only the brides Wedding Pinterest Board, but their personal style boards as well. Pinterest is also amazing for the “bride who can decide”. We tell them “Ok, maybe you don’t know exactly what you want, but can you show me what you DON’T want?” This really helps to narrow down the decision!! 

Do you suggest a bride book vendors who have worked together in the past? 

Doing this, it does create a comfortable environment for everyone to work in. But it is also great to meet and collaborate with new vendors! New vendors=New Inspiration!

 Gagewood  Wedding & Lifestyle Photography Gagewood  Wedding & Lifestyle Photography

What is a good option for a bride who is on a budget (regarding beauty)?

We love to recommend getting crafty when it comes to headpieces! A little hot glue, ribbon, and gems can really go a long way! These types of accessories can really add up, so making them yourself is a great way to pinch pennies!

What characteristics make the best client?

We love brides who trust us to do our jobs! We have quite a few weddings under our (brush) belts and we know what works best for certain hair types and skin types. We love brides who have an idea of what they are looking for but are also open to our professional suggestions. And most importantly, we LOVE brides who can kick back with a glass of champagne and truly ENJOY the experience, because it goes by so fast!

 Gagewood  Wedding & Lifestyle Photography Gagewood  Wedding & Lifestyle Photography

Lastly, Tell me a little bit more about Hello Darling! What keeps you going? What inspires you? Goals?

We started Hello Darling with the dream of creating a cozy environment where hair and makeup could live happily ever after! We wanted to design a salon that didn’t “feel” like a typical salon and something that was more of an experience and not just an appointment. We are SO lucky to have an incredible team of artists. We are building our family and home at Hello Darling and that is what keeps us going! We are so inspired by SO many things! Nature, fashion, eachother, our clients…the list can go on and on! We love to pull inspiration from the least expected places!
Our goal is to grow and expand our crafts while staying true to we are! We are SO excited for the new tricks and trends that we have learned for wedding season 2016!

 Gagewood  Wedding & Lifestyle Photography Gagewood  Wedding & Lifestyle Photography

We all love instagram!

Gagewood Photo | Swoon Bridal | Boxwood Avenue | Hello Darling

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