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Today marked two firsts for me: I started my new job, substituting - it aint much, but it's a little, and I worked out for the first time in forever (forever meaning, a really long time).  

I decided to start my sweating for the wedding process and go for a run.  I used to hate running!  When I was really into CrossFit, I would always opt for the rower over running, even if it meant rowing longer distances.  Then, someone gave me a really great piece of advice, he told me to run at a pace where I could carry-on a conversation.  When I started that philosophy, I was able to run 7 miles at a time.  Yes you read that right, the girl who hates running ran 7 miles.  So today I started back up into my running mode and did about 3 miles at an easy pace.      

On my way home I stopped at the barn and got a cute shot of the curious colts and filly:

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