Berry Sangria Slushie

Mixed berry sangria slushie with white wine & vodka. #Slurpitup

Berry Sangria Slushie with white wine & vodka - use a mason jar to reseal for the beach!

If you follow me on snapchat (@boxwoodavenue), you saw the epic night of recipe making - er, cocktail making... This was the last cocktail of the night, and as I poured it out of the blender, the entire slushie slushed. It slushed right out onto the platter, and took on the literal term of "my cup runneth over". 

So I grabbed a straw and slurped it right up off the platter. Obviously. No man left behind, right? Something like that... 

There's a place in Reno that serves something very similar to this recipe - only they don't blend it, and they use St. Germain instead of Sprite. I tried this recipe with some St. Germain, and I have to say, it wasn't my favorite. I'd say Sprite, or even Squirt is a better bet. But I'm not one to be picky, the last time I went to the restaurant serving this unblended slushie, I left skipping out the door like a goat. Which was fueled mostly by the sangria, but also partially by their homemade pretzels. 

This blended wine slushie is really yummy on a hot summer day where you feel like stepping outside will cause you to instantly melt like a popsicle on black pavement. It's been that kind of hot up here lately, and I've been sweating in places I'd rather not mention. 

The only thing cooling me off has been my chardonnay on ice like a 55 year-old divorcee, and this slusher of a cocktail. And the goats, but they're mostly for entertainment, less for actual heat survival. Next time you're melting into a puddle of chardonnay, cue this puppy up, it's refreshing, delicious, and filled with antioxidants... Berries have antioxidants right? 

Berry Sangria Slushie with white wine & vodka - use a mason jar to reseal for the beach!

Berry Sangria Slushie 

  • 6 oz. white wine
  • 1 tray ice cubes
  • 3 oz. Sprite 
  • 1.5 oz. vodka 
  • Berries, mixed 

Mix all ingredients in a blender and puree until smooth. Serves 2, can be multiplied to serve more! 

TIP: Serve in mason jars to make ahead of time, pop them into the freezer right after making them, then serve when a hot flash comes on. ;)

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