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Birchbox Upcycle

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Birchbox Makeover | Boxwood Avenue

I've been a Birchboxer for nearly three years now, and have opted to pay the $10 monthly fee through the good and bad (samples), because (thanks to my stats prof) I can safely conclude that the probability of getting great stuff worth more than the $10 is greater than the probability of not getting great stuff worth more than the $10.  Sure, some months haven't been the greatest - once all I got was some weird tea and a razor, but the next month made up for it with miniature perfumes and lip gloss.   In addition, the founders - Katia and Hayley - are total girl bosses, and it's hard not to support them!

The other great thing about getting a Birchbox, is the actual box itself.  I may have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with miniature kraft boxes, but for some reason I can't get enough of them!  When you're running a makeshift craft supply store out of your home, these little boxes are key for organization.

I use my old Birchboxes to store note cards, ribbon scraps, pens, straight pins, and pretty much anything else that requires organization.  I was getting kind of tired of staring at plain jane kraft boxes though, and had a little lightbulb moment - and with some paint, glue, and a few embellishments, I now have pretty boxes and a slightly prettier office space*.  

Office space: aka formal living room taken over by sewing machines and paint. 


  • gold paint (nail polish would be perfect!)
  • this glue (or hot glue)
  • paint brushes 
  • crafting paint (I used black & white)
  • corner embellishments (these or these would work great!)

Step 1: Give your box a healthy coat of paint.  I only needed one coat with the black paint, but the white paint needed a few extra.  

Step 2: While the paint is drying, use the gold paint to cover the corner pieces.  If your corner pieces are already gold, or you don't like gold, then skip this step! 

Step 3: Once everything is nice and dry, use this glue (or hot glue) to secure the pieces to the corners of the boxes.  

Bonus: I think gold polka dots or a dalmatian version would be fabulous!! 

Birchbox Makeover | Boxwood Avenue
Birchbox Makeover 2 | Boxwood Avenue.jpg
Birchbox Makeover | Boxwood Avenue
Birchbox Makeover | Boxwood Avenue
Birchbox Makeover | Boxwood Avenue
Birchbox Makeover | Boxwood Avenue
Birchbox Makeover 6 | Boxwood Avenue.jpg

Let's stay organized together!