The Bunkhouse | No. 3

Happy spring! We are looking forward to the warmer weather and a nice deep clean this week! Butternut and her brothers are very, very excited about the new season and the growing green grass! 

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I just returned home from a trip to Napa where I spoke at Oh So Inspired. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to learn from and connect with many successful business owners at the conference. If you are in the wedding industry, it is a must! Even though I am not in weddings/events, I still walked away with so much new knowledge. 

I am home for a few days before having to head back to Reno - I'll be spending them catching up on laundry, cleaning out the love shack, and prepping a few blog posts. Today we cleaned out the basement, and I have heaps & heaps of donations. Spring cleaning always feels so good. 

I've mentioned the project my dad and I are working on together a few times, and we will be wrapping that up in the next couple of weeks. Once we are finished, I will begin working on expanding the shop to not only include egg stamps, but also homewares! We'll be adding some decor and a few pieces of artwork, but until then...

1 // If you are interested in interior design, I think you will enjoy this podcast: A Well Designed Business. I listened to quite a few episodes on my drive down to Napa.

2 // Do you have wood cutting boards or wooden spoons in your kitchen? The owner of Roostmade purchased an egg stamp this week, and I wanted to share their products with you. You'll love this all-natural, organic, wood finish.

4 // I'll be heading to Chateau Sonoma's mother's day garden & art party on May 12th - if you're in the Bay Area, I'd love for you to join us! 

5 // If you're looking for a darling Easter top, I purchased this for Oh So Inspired, and I have worn it a few times since, I love it! The bows on the sleeves are my favorite!

6 // If you're contributing a dish this Easter, Bon Appetite mag has 42 really wonderful, fresh recipes for us to try! 

7 // Do you follow Lark & Linen? Jacquelyn Clark is sharing 5 easy steps to refresh our homes this spring. She always has the best tips! 

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