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Cranberry Jelly & Free Printable

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Cranberry sauce is a staple in my house even when it's not Thanksgiving.  I love to use it as a base for baked chicken or sautéed Brussels sprouts!  I hadn't canned in a while, and I wanted to get full use out of this download from Etsy, so I thought I'd whip up some cranberry sauce and make little gifts.  My new friend/neighbor came over, and together, we made these treats for our thanksgiving guests.  They will make the perfect gift to give this Thursday, or you might give them to your neighbors the day before.  Everyone knows, homemade is better than store bought, they will surely appreciate the thoughtful gift! 

Boxwood Avenue | Cranberry Jelly & Free Download

This is the recipe we based our sauce off of.  We doubled it, and didn't add the apple juice (instead we subbed in water but added 1 packet of gelatin).   As I write this, I realized we didn't taste test along the way - which could turn out as a fatal mistake - but I'll let you know how it is!  If you're new to canning, this is an amazing resource (start -> here).  

Boxwood Avenue | Cranberry Jelly & Free Download 1.jpg
Boxwood Avenue | Cranberry Jelly Free Download.jpg

Here is the link to the sticker labels, enjoy!

PS:  When you download the file it will open into a PDF doc, select file, print, and be sure that the print scale is set to zero.  This printable is compatible with these Avery products

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