DIH Workshop Hanging Gutter Planter with the Home Depot

Attend one of The Home Depot's free do-it-herself workshops to learn how to create your own easy projects for your home!

DIY Hanging Gutter Planter | boxwoodavenue.com

Since we are separated by many miles, let’s just party right now shall we?

As I shared last week, I’ve teamed up with some of my favorite blogging friends, and the Home Depot, to bring you one big online DIY party! We’ve been working hard on putting our own spin on a hanging gutter planter, that really, anyone can make; yes, even your husband, but this is all about us ladies!

This hanging gutter planter is incredibly easy, and such a space saver! I chose to plant an assortment of monochromatic flowers in layers for a great effect, but I love the idea of planting herbs and hanging right next to the BBQ, that way, fresh ingredients are always within reach!

Although the Home Depot doesn’t provide cocktails, they do provide amazing free workshops in your neighborhood. Ranging from ladies only (DIH!), home improvement (DIY), to kids (read: free babysitting while you shop), there’s always something great for you to learn.

Now, let's be real for a second, I'm totally getting paid to promote the HD's workshops, but even if I wasn't, they are AWESOME. Seriously, if you click over you can see all of the free classes offered - hello DIY tile backsplash, and did I mention the edible raised garden bed? I am interested in taking nearly every single class on the schedule, and I'm willing to bet, you are too!

DIY Hanging Gutter Planter | boxwoodavenue.com
Make a DIY hanging gutter planter for under $20 | boxwoodavenue.com
Make a DIY hanging gutter planter for under $20 | boxwoodavenue.com

A lot of my DIH (do it herself!) skills are self taught (ie: screw gunning, and sawing), but it would be so nice to learn exactly how I'm supposed to be doing it. That whole measure twice, cut once thing often turns into measure 10 times cut 20, get back in the car, head back to Home Depot to buy forgotten supplies, repeat. 

Make a DIY hanging gutter planter for under $20 | boxwoodavenue.com

That’s where the Home Depot workshops come in! Each workshop empowers you with basic skills taught correctly, and efficiently, and the best part? They’re free! Afterwards, you can hit the cement floors running with your orange grocery cart, and pick up all the supplies to make it yourself at home. They even give you a handy dandy list, that way you don't have to head back to the store ten times to purchase a single forgotten bolt... I speak only from experience here. 

These projects are taught in-store, but since you’re a Boxwood Avenue reader you get to see it right here, first! 

I loved making this planter, and although you can totally paint and customize yours, I loved the simplicity of the white gutter, white rope, and white flowers. Using the screw gun was a breeze with Home Depot’s tips, and hanging it made the flowers goat proof. Now there’s a selling point for ya!

I am so glad you tuned in to party with us, and be sure to click over to the Home Depot’s workshop page to register to learn how to make your own (or sign-up for one of the other classes - like learning how to install tile flooring)!

Make a DIY hanging gutter planter for under $20 | boxwoodavenue.com

This is a sponsored post by the Home Depot – the thoughts and words are all my own. I’d much rather be taught how to use a screw gun by someone other than my husband any day! Love ya babe, but some things are better left to the pros. ;) Please know that I weed through every e-mail and only select paid posts that I truly believe you'll love, it's because of: Y-O-U, that sponsored posts are possible! Thank you for being a Boxwood Avenue reader!

Visit my DIY Blogging Friends, and see how they put their own unique spin on the hanging gutter planter! Which is your favorite!?

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