DIY Derby Day Floral Crowns & Hats

Get all of the Derby Day Party inspiration you need right here with flower crown hats, bud vases, horse shoe menus, and so much more!

In my opinion a great party is filled with flowers. Actually, my dream party would just be in a field of flowers foraging them into arrangements and flower crowns and prancing around like fairies. That would be my dream, but somehow I don’t think Williams-Sonoma would be on board with that.

When we were planning the Derby Day party, Kelly and I decided it would much more appropriate to include a DIY flower crown station for everyone to make their hats a little more fabulous. 

You can find me prancing around in mine this Thursday at Williams-Sonoma in Sonoma from 3-6 (yes, they put a time limit on my prancing).

If you’re not in the area, and want to recreate this yourself – head to Whole Foods and grab a few bundles of greenery from the 2 for $10 buckets, and while you’re there, select a few bundles of flowers too. Set them up in buckets and style the same way you would style a bar – only with flowers (so much better than booze)!

When you’re ready to make the ‘crowns’, cut small pieces of greenery so that the stems are 3-4” long, then cut a few flowers so that their stems measure about 2” long (just long enough to secure into place). Arrange the greenery and flowers into a small bundle (sort of like a boutonnière).

Once you’re happy with the way your bundle is looking (it’s a bundle – you really can’t go wrong here), you can use a bit of floral tape and wire to secure it all together.

Fun Derby Day idea - DIY floral crowns from [milou + olin photography]
Fun Derby Day idea - DIY floral crowns from [milou + olin photography]

Finally, us a little piece of wire to attach to ribbon. Tie the ribbon around the base of the hat, and you’re all finished!

Fun Derby Day idea - DIY floral crowns from [milou + olin photography]

This serves as the ultimate party favor! Who doesn’t want to take flowers home!? As I wrote this post I had the genius idea to make the goats flower crowns and have a goat-o-shoot with them in said flower crowns. Stay tuned.

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