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DIY Faux Calligraphy Place Setting with Wine Glass Writer

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Use the Wine Glass Writer on plates for DIY place settings

The moment I picked up the Wine Glass Writer, I knew my life would be forever changed. Not in a deep, philosophical way, of course, but in an absolutely fabulous, never be the same kind of way. Which may as well be philosophical.

Think sharpie paint pen, for anything ceramic or glass, only it's completely washable with a little soapy water, and endlessly versatile. 

Wine Glass Writer is a family owned company run entirely by women (as if you needed any more reasons to love them). The company was founded by Jeannine, after she realized there was nothing on the market quite like it. She knew there had to be a better way for guests to keep track of their wine glasses - because let's face it, we never really remember which wine charm is ours - so she invented the Wine Glass Writer. Now in its fifth year in business, thecompany is thriving, and sold in stores like Sur la Table and Williams Sonoma. I love a great success story don't you? Especially when it involves a female entrepreneur and an amazing product!

Obviously, I have SO MANY IDEAS, and I plan on sharing them all with you, but today I'm giving you a peek of my first project with the Wine Glass Writer

Use the Wine Glass Writer on plates for DIY place settings

By now you know my motto - make guests feel comfortable and special. This means keeping things effortlessly elegant - a cozy fire, a well stocked bar, place settings, a thoughtful table (which doesn't have to be fancy, even wooden forks at a BBQ can be upgraded with washi tape!), a candle burning in the bathroom, and a relaxed hostess. Simple little tricks to keep in mind that always make an impact. 

You might be wondering if it's necessary to have place settings at a casual dinner party. It's absolutely not; however, it's a special touch that shows you put extra effort into making each guest feel cared for. If you're worried that adding place settings to your dinner will make the night feel a bit stuffy, try a funny quote instead. With the Wine Glass Writer, the possibilities are truly endless. 

To get this look, use loose cursive handwriting, then go back over the down strokes with your writer to thicken them, making it look as if you used copperplate calligraphy. Watch the quick video below to see exactly how I created these plates, then enter to win a pack of your own Wine Glass Writers

If you don't win, or would rather purchase your own, they are wonderfully affordable. Click here!

Use the Wine Glass Writer on plates for DIY place settings
Use the Wine Glass Writer on plates for DIY place settings
Use the Wine Glass Writer on plates for DIY place settings

Many thanks to Wine Glass Writer for the sponsorship of this post. I am grateful to have the chance to work with such an amazing company!

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