A French Country Inspired Dining Room | ORC Week 4

We've gotten to week four! If this is your first time stopping by for the One Room Challenge, you can start at week one to see the beginning of the transformation. The ORC is a 6 week series sharing the renovation of a single room from start to finish. Twenty bloggers share all of the details of their spaces every Wednesday, and on Thursdays, guest bloggers are welcomed to share their spaces too. You can see a list of everyone participating at the end of this post! 

This season, for the first time, Linda from Calling it Home (the wonderful organizer of the ORC) has arranged for a 7th work week for challenge participants. She felt that due to the number of natural disasters that have taken place over the past month, it was only fair to allow everyone an additional week to make up for these extreme circumstances. This means that all of us sharing our ORC's (even guest participants) will be posting our reveals on November 15th rather than November 8th. 

One Room Challenge Dining Room Update | BoxwoodAvenue.com

With all that said, let me give you an update on our dining room. I shared the design inspiration on week one, and have gotten about half way through the project so far. I've buttoned up all of the major design and decor elements, and now we've just got installations and implementation to tackle. 

First things first: I'm going to keep the lights.

Last week I was truly expecting more "those are not going to work" comments, but I only received a handful - which I totally understand their point of view. Quite a few designers that I really admire were in love with the lights, all of which helped me make my decision. Not that it really matters what everyone else thinks, but it does help to know that I'm not going way off track from a taste perspective. 

I am really excited about them, and cannot wait to see them installed. <<Happening Friday!>>

Since last week, not much has changed aside from the room getting primed for paint. Later this afternoon, the paint will go up! I mentioned we were using Farrow and Ball paint, but since I have never used their paint before, I didn't even think to order a primer. I've gotten so used to paint/primer combos. Luckily they sent one along with the paint. I wasn't sure if it was necessary since the room was freshly painted white, but I decided to use it anyways, and I am very glad we did. You can see in the photos that the primer is a dusty green color, which will really affect the end result of the paint. Had we skipped it, I think the paint would have gone on more nursery pink than dusty pink. I will keep you updated on that. 

Also, I need to make a decision on curtain rods ASAP. I really jumped on the brass bandwagon this year, but I don't think it is right for this room. Since the light fixtures are a deep bronze color, I'm going to go with black or bronze hardware for the curtains. They will be hung up as high as possible, sitting just below the crown molding from Metrie. I'd like to keep the focus on the curtains since they were custom made for the windows from Tonic Living, so I'm planning on going with a very simple rod, probably sans finial. 

Here are the four types of hardware I've narrowed it down to. What do you think? Which would you select? I am leaning towards either the simple Rejuvenation option or the wall bracket option from Pottery Barn.  

window hardware options

Next week, I hope the artwork and rug will have arrived so that I can share more about them with you! The artwork is from Jenny's Print Shop and is getting custom framed by Simply Framed. I will also be able to share photos of the room painted its new color, hopefully with the crown molding installed! 

This week I need to make a point of heading up to the ranch junk yard to source a few boards for the open shelving. I haven't quite decided if I'd like the shelf to be floating, or if I should add corbels for support. The corbels are probably the smartest option since the shelf will be 22 feet long and need as much support as it can get. 

Until then, be sure to follow along on Instagram, I'll share some photos of the room once it is painted in my stories! Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by, I hope you have a great day!

dining room game plan

custom curtains - Tonic Living

an extra long dining table for the whole crew - existing

pink paint - Farrow and Ball

open shelving with lots of glassware, beautiful accessories, and artwork - on the hunt for wood!

oversized vintage rug - Hayneedle

crown molding - Metrie

a series of light fixtures - LampsPlus

custom artwork - Jenny's Print Shop & Simply Framed 

linen textiles - Pom Pom at Home