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How to Propose to your Bridesmaids

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I already talked a little bit about my bridesmaid and flower girl dilemma here, but haven't gotten to share how I asked my girls with you guys yet (except on instagram). 

When we went to Paris I was hoping to find some amazing little pieces that we could all treasure forever, but I came home empty handed. I read (and took extensive notes on) this amazing book, and was expecting to be overwhelmed with beaucoup chic boutiques - on the contrary - I was overwhelmed by the mass number of chain retail stores and the graffiti that covered the city.  This is the thing that nobody tells you about Paris; even on the hidden alleyways, you aren't likely to find very many quaint little boutiques, and when you do find one, you'll probably fall in love with something A) €500 or B) impossible to get home. I searched and searched, and found a few pieces of jewelery that would have sufficed, but nothing unique enough to really excite me. If you read this, then you know I decided to go for Layered and Long's adorable twig necklaces. One of my gals asked me if it was because, "friends stick together?"  She has a point, so we can either go with that, or because our wedding is in the fall of next year. 



Once you've found the perfect gift, the packaging is the next obvious step. By now, we all know of my obsession for great packaging, I didn't want to settle for anything less than perfect.   I am still not confident enough with calligraphy to have pulled off the look I was going for, so I reached out to Amy from Letter Love Studio to work up some beautiful calligraphied cards. 


Really, it's a simple gift with a little card attached, but the way it was packaged and presented made for a special moment. I couldn't imagine having my day without a single one of them, each has played a special role in my life, and I know each will play a different role on our big day. I am so thankful they all said yes! 

Boxwood Avenue | Gift Ideas for Bridesmaids

Here are some other great ideas for asking your girls to part of your special day; Hello Love Press has ah-mazing options (shown below)!  How cute is the hand drawn card from April Heather Art?  I also love The Polka Dotted Bee.

Now how about me and you?