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How to Bake Cake in a Jar & A Giveaway!

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Instant cuteness: mini birthday cakes baked in glass jars! 

How to bake cake in a glass jar. |

It was Greg's birthday last week, and I decided I would bake him a cake, at the very least. I had a huge meal to cook later on in the week for 160 people, and I was feeling incredibly stressed about the entire situation. Had I been able to cook from my recipe rolodex, I would have been more at ease, but I was being treated like a Kindergartener who had never made scrambled eggs before. Greg's uncle was my boss for the day, and he's very particular about meals. The last time I cooked for him, he almost lost it over my use of aluminum foil on the baked potatoes - he believes aluminum foil causes aluminum poisoning. 

Lord, give me patience. 

How to bake cake in a glass jar. |
How to bake cake in a glass jar. |
How to bake cake in a glass jar. |

I was stressed about this meal, so I bought cake in a box. I know, this is actually sacrilegious. As I dropped it into my shopping cart, I looked around to make sure no one saw me. I didn't want to be a known fraud. But now I am blogging about it, so I guess you can consider this my confession. 

I bought Greg's favorite, white, but couldn't bring myself to buy pre-made frosting, that was just taking the whole lazy wife thing too far. No judgement if you love pre-made frosting, I get it. I could eat an entire tub in one sitting. 

When I got home, I decided that if I was going to make cake from a box, I might as well do something special with it. Like add sprinkles and bake it in a glass jar, obviously. 

How to bake cake in a glass jar. |

So I did just that, and you know what? Baking cake in a glass jar is just like baking a cake in a glass cake pan - nothin' special, and I was so impressed with the way they turned out! I filled the Weck jars up about 3/4 of the way, and baked them at the normal temperature until they were spongy and golden. 

I whipped up some heavy cream with some powdered sugar and bourbon infused vanilla extract (simply because it was all I had on hand), and topped my sprinkle-filled box-cake in a jar with it, making it least appear homemade. 

When Greg got home and opened the refrigerator to the cakes, he was very excited, and after dinner I lit the candles, and we sang happy birthday (we = all of our animals + me). As he devoured the cake, he repeated, "THIS IS THE BEST FROSTING I'VE EVER HAD!" 

Thank goodness I hadn't bought that tub of frosting afterall. He was convinced that I had done something magical to the frosting - but it was simply whipped cream, just like the cake in a jar, nothin' special! 

A lesson in simplicity, and that spending a few extra minutes to make something homemade is almost always more appreciated than convenience. 

How to bake cake in a glass jar. |
How to bake cake in a glass jar. |

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I am also excited to be hosting a giveaway on Instagram with Heirloomed Collection. Ashley, the owner, recently sent me the apron I wore in these photos. I also wear this apron in the morning, at night, during lunch, after lunch, before lunch, after dinner... To date, I have refrained from wearing it in the shower. Anyways, Heirloomed was so kind to offer an apron to a Boxwood Avenue reader in celebration of their 10th anniversary - a serendipitous giveaway due to the nature of this post! To enter, simply follow the both of us on instagram and tag a few friends in the comments! The winner will be picked at 9 AM PST 9/23/2016. 

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