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New Year's Eve Champagne Bottle Wrap

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Cute New Year's Eve party idea from
Cute New Year's Eve party idea from

What's better than pink champagne? Pink champagne all dressed up! 

We are heading to Reno for this New Year's holiday, and in my classic DIY & hostess form, I had to come up with something transportable to bring to the party! 

When I saw a few 'bottle wraps' running around on Pinterest (ps - are you there? So am I!) I knew that I had to make my own! It's one of the easiest crafts I think I've ever done, and it makes such an impact.

I love how chic the black and white label is, and the flowers from Create the Cut are the perfect addition. If you're not planning a NYE party, these wine bottle wraps would be perfect for a birthday, or bachelorette party. Heck, any kind of party is a champagne party right? Enjoy!

Cute New Year's Eve party idea from


Step 1: Print out the wraps, and cut to size using the scrapbook trimmer. 

Step 2: Use double stick tape to secure them to the bottles. 

Cute New Year's Eve party idea from

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