Pink Flamingo Coladas

Pink pina coladas in DIY cups for summer pool parties!


Often times I find myself coming up with drink recipes at the grocery store - other times, I'm sitting in my craft room at 11 o'clock at night thinking about recipes & drink ideas. This idea came to me at about midnight. Both the DIY glasses & the cocktail. 

All of a sudden I had the blender out, was cutting vinyl, and dancing to "...if you like pina coladas...". It's a good thing Greg was sleeping, and even the goats were put to bed - no one was around to judge the fact that I couldn't find the lid to my blender...but decided to blend anyways. Pink flamingos everywhere! ;) 

The perfect summer drink for pool parties from {Cups are a DIY too!]

Post photos and cleanup, I dove face first into the pink pina coladas not once, not twice, but three times. I had to make sure the recipe was worth sharing, ya know? Because the last time I tried to make a whiskey cocktail, I failed miserably, and almost hung up my self-given title of "cocktail connoiser" (which hasn't made it into my instagram profile yet, but I've considered it). 

I wasn't sure if this recipe was going to be as tasty as its pineapple filled sister - because I didn't have any pineapples on hand, or any pineapple juice on hand (and I call myself a blogger!?), so we had to make due with rum, Malibu, limes, and good ol' Coco Lopez. 

The verdict of my face first diving was: mmmmmm. Like, major mmmm. Like, 'you've got to try this mmmm'. 

The perfect summer drink for pool parties from {Cups are a DIY too!}

Pink Flamingo Colada


  • 3 oz. Coco Lopez
  • 1 Tray Ice Cubes
  • 1.5 oz. rum 
  • 1.5 oz. malibu
  • Splash grenadine
  • Juice 1 lime + slices for garnish

Instructions: Put it all in a coconut and shake it all.. Okay, I'll stop being stupid, sorry... All you've gotta do is put everything in a blender (put. your. lid. on.), then pour into glasses, and enjoy! 

The perfect summer drink for pool parties from {Cups are a DIY too!]


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