A Reno Update | Living Room and Kitchen Windows & Doors

I wasn't able to get a ranch life post up yesterday, so I thought I would combine a little ranch life and reno life together in an update. Our house has been sitting half demo'd for a few months because I have been dragging my feet about ordering windows. Pulling the trigger on the windows meant finalizing the design, and I no longer would have the luxury of changing my mind about placement and style.  

This week, I finally made the decision to order the windows and flooring and will be ordering the doors as soon as we get the bid back. Big steps as things come together. 

Farmhouse renovation inspiration from boxwoodavenue.com

I ordered samples of Pergo and Carlisle Wide Plank Flooring, and ultimately ended up going with Pergo's Riverbend Oak because of its width options. Both options were beautiful, and I recommend either - Jacquelyn of Lark & Linen recommended Carlisle to me, and if she recommends it, you know it is wonderful. The Home Depot team on S. Virginia St. in Reno helped me order the flooring, I always turn to them whenever I need help with anything, they are great! 

The windows were my real hangup, I had dreams of push-out French casement windows with antique brass bolts. I knew exactly what I wanted, but when I got the quote, I shed a small tear. $13,000 for 4 sets of windows was simply not in our budget. After a few weeks of researching alternate casement options, vinyl vs. wood, and other window details, I decided to leave the casements in my dreams. Instead, I learned to love single hung windows, and opted for Andersen's fibrex option bringing the cost of all of the new windows down to about $5,000. This includes windows in the kitchen, entryway, and the 3 sets of 3 in the living room.

I am still finalizing the kitchen design, but am hoping to have it finished by the end of the week so that I am able to order the cabinets. I talked a bit about Ikea and Semihandmade in an earlier post, and although I have changed some of the pantry design, we still will be using the SEKTION bases with Semihandmade fronts.  I will write more about that after I order the bases and cabinets. 

Single Hung Window Inspiration

Single Hung Set of Windows | via Rue Mag by Emily Johnston

Source: Rue Mag | via Lark & Linen

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