Spring Walks on the Ranch

Now that the sun is out later and the weather is warmer, Greg and I have been going on evening walks. Each night we bring Cody, who is followed my the goats, who are followed by the cats, who are usually followed by the hens. It's a parade of animals much like the story "There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly". 

Baby Nubian goats | boxwoodavenue.com
Baby Nubian goats & Retriever | boxwoodavenue.com
calico hat in the hay | boxwoodavenue.com

This afternoon was so nice, after our walk we all decided to take a nap under the apple trees - all of us except the hungry boys who attempted to eat what they could of the remaining apple blossoms. 

Baby Nubian goats & calico kitten | boxwoodavenue.com
Nap under the apple tree | boxwoodavenue.com

No funny stories this week - just a few pictures and a lot of relaxing. 

We've finished up branding season here, and now it's time to turn the girls out for the summer. They'll be moved from field to field until they finally make it back to the center of the ranch just in time for winter. 

As always, thank you so much for being here, reading my stories. I hope you have a wonderful week! Tomorrow I will be sharing a fun collaboration I've been working on with a great company!

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