The Start of the Remodel | The Pantry

I mentioned we began our pantry remodel this weekend. What a big wake up call expense wise! I just want to keep it real, that our budget is definitely not unlimited, and going into the pantry design without a budget in mind, sort of bit me in the butt. Sure, I could have designed something with open shelving (which would have saved us $4,000), but now I have my heart set on cabinetry, and we are going to make it work. Plus, I want to see if I really like the Ikea system before I do it in the kitchen. I've read great things, but want to find out for myself.  

I've settled on going with Semihandmade Doors, simply because I don't love any of the color options from Ikea. I've read that Ikea cabinet fronts don't take paint well, and since Semihandmade's DIY shakers are a comparable price, I don't see why we wouldn't use them!

We started off by removing an old dumbwaiter system that was no longer functioning. The original intent was to allow someone to park in the garage, load the groceries into the system, and then have the groceries waiting in the pantry once the person got upstairs. I don't think it was ever used, and it simply took up a bunch of (precious) space. 

So my aunt and uncle came up, along with my sister and her boyfriend, and we got to work. I should actually say "the boys got to work" because the girls didn't do much. There wasn't enough room in the pantry for all of us to fit, plus the boys knew what they were doing. 

Once the dumbwaiter was removed, we removed the old flooring.  The boys scraped the walls where the framing of the dumbwaiter was, and added floor joists & plywood to fill the hole in the floor. Then we screwed in backerboard (I actually helped!), and filled in holes/cracks with tape and putty. 

The boys also removed and filled in the old flourescent light system, and added two recessed lights, a new fixture (which was promptly shorted LOL), and a third system for the pendant light which we will add during the final stage of the project. 

Boxwood Avenue Pantry Remodel
Boxwood venue Pantry Remodel
Boxwood Avenue Pantry Remodel

I am still trying to decide exactly what tiling I would like on the floors, but I've linked what I am leaning towards. I will probably go with something less blue (luckily the tile I linked is custom painted). I also still can't decide what color I would like to paint the cabinet fronts, I am leaning towards a very light gray. Lastly, I am still trying to decide if I will use pulls or a latch on the cabinets. 

The upper cabinets will actually rest on the lower cabinets on top of the counter top, and reach the ceiling. The cabinets on the right hand side will be built into the wall where the dumbwaiter was.  Ikea just wouldn't let me draw that out! 

The old layout, lots of wasted space.

Simplified layout with less wasted space.

Cabinet layout

The checklist: (italicized what's been done!)

  • Remove dumbwaiter & fill hole in floor
  • Add sheetrock and drywall where dumbwaiter was
  • Install recessed lights
  • Install pendant light
  • Remove fluorescent lights
  • Remove linoleum
  • Add backerboard
  • Tile floor
  • Fill holes, smooth walls where dumbwaiter was
  • Order & install cabinets
  • Order cabinets & paint fronts
  • New baseboards
  • Accessories: hardware, vintage style mirror

Budget: $6,500  

Demo - DIY (supplies about $500: sheetrock, drywall, plaster putty, etc..)

Recessed Lighting - $200 (plugs, wiring, boxes, bulbs)

Accessories - $1000 (mirror, hardware, pendant light)

Tile - About $500 (DIY installation)

Counter - About $30/SF (we will do a prefabbed slab with 3" lip)

Cabinets - $4000 (includes Semihandmade fronts with Ikea Sektion bases)

Paint - Walls: $100 (supplies, etc...)  |  Cabinet Fronts about $300 (has to be professionally sprayed.)

Time frame - 3 days for demo, and light installation. We figure another solid weekend of work to install cabinets.


Examples of Upper Cabinets Resting on Lower Cabinets:

Design Elements:

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