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Let's Get Personal: Thoughts on Blogging

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Becoming a lifestyle "blogger" is a really weird thing.  It's sort of like having an Elle Woods moment: you just wake up one day and decide to become a blogger.  There aren't any requirements, you don't have to go to school, and you don't need to have a blogging degree.  Some people are wildly successful, and become blog famous - Monika Hibbs for example - while others become burnt out, lose their drive, and die off.   Yes, some have a background in editing, writing, graphic design, etc... but it is by no means required; generally, success is governed by talent, good taste, and luck. 

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I read a really interesting tidbit yesterday, I don't exactly remember where, but the quote was something like, "if you only had a few readers and you didn't get paid for anything, would you still do it?"  This really struck me.  I actually had to sit and think about this for a minute.  Yes - I enjoy blogging and I love creativity.  Creating beautiful things out of bits and pieces is where a good part of my happiness comes from; I hope some of you can agree with me, or have known that certain feeling of accomplishment.  I also have truly enjoyed making new genuine friends from across the country that I wouldn't have otherwise connected with; but, my goals consist of growth.

Blogging successfully, isn't just creating something beautiful/interesting/inspiring. You must take pictures of each step, write about it, send it to social media sites, cross your fingers that someone important will see it, and when they don't, you do it all over again.  No, you can't take an iPhone pic (unless you've take the class on how to do it right), and yes, you have to have accounts on all social media sites.  You need to brand yourself, you need to have a focus - a niche.  You must connect with other bloggers, and you must have a really cute office to ignite insta-jelousy.  Just do a quick google search, and you will find many different recipes for becoming a real and important blogger.  

This got me thinking, was Martha partly correct {with exception} in her scandalous statement? 

They’re not trained editors and writers at Vogue magazine...Bloggers create kind of a popularity. But they are not the experts and we have to understand that.
— Martha Stewart

In order to inspire others, you need to reach others, and it has become a blog eat blog world in the fight to gain followers.  Many bloggers are willing to share their success, still gracious and humble - Kim Demmon for example - who kindly host link parties and maybe even offer guest posting.  Still, it seems you're just not relevant until you have at least a '5K' next to your Instagram handle, or the little blue check mark in your back pocket on Twitter.  We can all thank Pinterest for allowing us mere mortals to have access to the red check mark - a preview of what web popularity tastes like.  

So, If no one is reading, using, or enjoying; why would you take the time to photograph, edit, and write?  Why not have the personal enjoyment of creating, without the added stress of presenting it to the world wide web?    

In the end, are we all just in it for the ego boost? 

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