New Arrivals: Vintage Farmhouse Decor & Farmhouse Christmas

The boxwood avenue shop is re-stocked and ready for your Christmas shopping! Full of vintage farmhouse decor for all of your farmhouse Christmas ideas.

Vintage farmhouse decor for sale at

When we first opened the shop, I wasn’t sure what would do well, and what would sit on the shelves. Surprisingly enough, baskets remain on the shelves. While I love a great basket, it seems that it isn’t going to be our best seller in the shop! However, I quickly learned that you are mostly interested in beautiful farmhouse antique decor pieces.

The first items to sell out of the shop were all of our one-of-a-kind vintage and antique farmhouse pieces like demijohns, pickling jars, and wooden crates. I’m hoping I can find a few more wooden crates because I’d love to be able to offer them to you. Until then, we have re-stocked the shop with more beautiful vintage items and replenished the items that we could source again.

I hope you enjoy these new items, and standby for new linen items to be added to the shop later this month! I am so excited to offer you some beautiful textiles for the holiday season.

Farmhouse Christmas Ideas

Find new ways to jars, vases, and pitchers this holiday season to turn everyday farmhouse items into beautiful Christmas decor! I love adding twinkle lights or fresh clipped evergreen!

Vintage Farmhouse Arrivals

We’ve quickly realized that you have as much of a love for antiques as we do! Moving forward, the shop will carry a wide variety of vintage farmhouse decor for you to bring into your home!