The Bunkhouse | No. 1

March 5, 2018

Lately I have been away from home quite a bit leaving me feeling a little detached from Boxwood Ave. I normally write about things happening on the ranch or projects that I am working on…writing virtually seems foreign to me. 

In addition to spending time away from home, I spend a LOT of time on the internet. It’s just a part of my job. I stumble upon amazing products, ideas, and books daily. 

While I try to steer clear of the idea of consumerism, I still appreciate a beautiful vase or amazing inexpensive rug, and I love sharing these finds with you. I hope you enjoy these posts as a quick skim of my favorites from the ‘net each week. 


1 // I really like to listen to podcasts and books driving to and from the ranch. This week I listened to this sermon, and I loved his “walk me to my car” perspective. I think you’ll enjoy listening. 

2 // This rug is amazing. 

3 // Just wrapped up Oprah’s, What I know For Sure. It’s really beautiful, and I love Oprah. 

4 // Dreaming of when I can wear this linen dress. It was -15 this week, but I’ll be prepared when Spring arrives. 

5 // …these sandals, and bag too.

6 // Vance Joy released a new album and I haven’t stopped listening to it. 

7 // If you’re looking for inexpensive engineered hardwood flooring, we are using these on our Reno project. They have a slight pink undertone, but are a great price for engineered wood – almost as inexpensive as laminate. 

7 // This kitchen design by Redesign Home (seen below) is amazing! While real antique doors would be the dream, this could be faked with a skilled carpenter and two wood side-lites. 


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