Katie Schaller’s Chic Bachelorette Pad Home Tour

May 20, 2015

Do you remember that fabulous dressing room I shared on Instagram?  Well guess what!?  I’m lucky enough to be able to share the whole home with you!  Plus some great tips for creating a cohesive and in-budget look! You might wonder how I got my hands on such a great space, well guys, let me introduce you to my best friend:

“Cohesion is finding what you like and fitting it in. I think this goes for everything in life. I have no problem wearing a striped shirt with leopard pants, because there is a stitch of black that ties it together.”

Katie Schaller is one amazing woman.  She is an elementary school teacher (yes! alllll of this on a teacher’s salary), she’s brilliant, she gives Khloe Kardashian a run for her money in the beauty department, and she’s a whiz for creating a super chic space.  

I am honored that she allowed me to photograph her home and share it with you guys!  Actually this is a bit of a stretch because I had photographed every single detail of her pad the second she left for work after a slumber party we had, afterwards I text her something like, “so…I just took a million pictures of your house, can I post them?  Will you spill the beans on your style?”

Now grab a glass of wine and indulge!

How would you describe your style aesthetic?

I would describe my aesthetic as purposefully nonexistent. Meaning, I like what I like regardless of the style, era, or theme. I have been known to put things together that shouldn’t make sense, but somehow form a beautiful marriage. A perfect example is Bob. He is the buffalo painting hanging on my dining room wall. For no good reason I had to have him. He looks over a vignette of peonies, a glass skull, and a mid-century modern bamboo and brass bar cart. Bob was the first piece of art I bought for the house, and he was the perfect muse for every other random thing that I just couldn’t live without.

What do you think makes for a cohesive look?

As I sort of mentioned, for me being cohesive is finding what you like and fitting it in. I think this goes for everything in life. I have no problem wearing a striped shirt with leopard pants, because there is a stitch of black that ties it together. In my house, anybody can walk in and say, “I would never buy that, but it works for you!” and that is my idea of cohesion, when every little mismatched things is consistent with me and my personality.

What was your favorite / go-to resource while you were honing in on a style, and while you were buying?

I think the obvious answer is Pinterest. I would be a liar if I didn’t admit to one too many nights glued to my computer with a bottle of wine. Although I’m not one to “re-pin” every single thing that strikes my fancy, I can use what I see to start mentally building the room in my head. I didn’t strive for themes in the rooms as much as I created color pallets. I knew I wanted all neutrals, so that’s what I did. It just so happens my idea of a neutral is a cowhide rug and every single shade of metallic. Ever.

 Tell us about that table! The mismatch chairs are amazing!

The blood, sweat, more blood, and tears table. First of all, shout out to my beautiful, amazing, brilliant mother, who donated her time and sanity to help me sand and stain that beast of a 1932 solid oak, hand carved, American made table. After a few scary attempts with the power sander, we hand sanded each nook and cranny before staining it with a dark walnut color and finishing with a coat of polyurethane. The outcome is magical. I was able to find a kick-ass settee that seats three, and a few other mismatched textured chairs that complete the look.

Okay, so we’re dying to know how you did all of this on a budget.  Tell us about some of the great deals you scored!

So many deals. I am the luckiest girl in the world, because one of my dearest friends, Aaryn Walker, owns the most unique store in Reno. Red Chair is a staple in town when you are looking for perfect pieces. Aaryn not only let me thumb through her catalogs, but gave me incredible deals on some of her one of a kind pieces. From her I brought home my fabulous gray suede sectional, the glass coffee table, the dresser in my dressing room, the mid-century bar cart, and two out-of-this-world head boards. Aside from Red Chair, I didn’t stray from my other go-to’s. I am a Maxxinista at heart so I spent many hours sifting through treasures at TJ-MAXX and Marshall’s.

Any recommendations for great places to shop without breaking the bank?

TJ MAXX, Marshall’s, Tuesday Morning, Steinmart, Burlington Coat Factory, Target and yard sales!

What were items you splurged on? Where did you save?

Aside from the apparent sectional, TV, and other larger pieces that every house needs, I’d say my splurge was on bedding. Between sheets, a duvet, pillows, shams, and a bed skirt (all bright white and of the highest thread count…) it added up. But, a wise woman once told me, “never cheap-out on the things that separate you from the ground; your bed and your shoes.” I saved on my curtains. I have a total of 12 panels of white silk and chiffon all 96’’ long. I am pleased to say I only spent $120 on all of them. Told you I was a Maxxinista!

At first I didn’t believe you when you told me you found a lot of treasures at Hobby Lobby.  What was your tactic for navigating through their themed decor?

Do not go to Hobby Lobby if you don’t have a whole day to spend. Seriously. I went in for coasters. What I came out with was a rug, four pillows, four pieces of art, book-ends, baskets, a lamp, and the sweetest little goat figurine you ever did see. Oh yeah, and coasters. I don’t think I navigated like a pro by any means. The problem with not having a totally set aesthetic, is that you have to see everything.

Your rug choices are all fabulous, how did you decide on patterns and prints (i.e. did you try to stick to a color scheme and go from there, or pick a single pattern, etc…)

I stayed with the idea of neutrals, so any shade of gray, cream, and brown was good. The more pattern the better. I try to stay away from chevron, but ikat and most florals scream my name. Clearly the cowhide is a must. 

Is now a good time to tell you I borrowed that long sweater from your closet without asking?

Is now a good time to tell you I borrowed your Prada? I’ll make you a deal, keep the sweater, I’ll keep the purse.

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