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Boxwood Avenue is a place where we can come together to appreciate beautiful design, old world traditions, and slow living.


True, there is not a Nordstrom within a 500 mile radius, and the closest thing I get to Whole Foods is when I reuse an old bag, but living a slow life is far more rewarding than living a fast paced, office building, department store shopping life. Having my horses in our front yard, chickens trotting around, a rooster constantly crowing, and the sound of my goats jumping around in their pen is more fulfilling than a new outfit ever could be. 

It was through my unlikely transplant, that I discovered where happiness comes from, the satisfaction of a job well done, taking pride in simple tasks, and living gratefully.

I used to live and breathe for the annual N sale, and this year, I didn’t buy a single thing. Instead, I spent money on my garden, and more goat treats. Those superficial things really just don’t mean as much to me as they used to. Living out here requires you to slow down, do your own handiwork, step away from materialism, and focus on the important things in life.

I hope to create a space that shares those little moments of happiness with you. Whether that be reliving a precious memory with your grandma as you make her famous pie crust, or sew a new dress from fabric your aunt gave you. Boxwood Avenue is a place where we can come together and appreciate beautiful design, old world traditions, and slow living.

My name is Chloe, I live on a cattle ranch in a one-horse town of 99 people. I am also a recovering department store addict – I joke that I am a girl relocated from Miu Miu to moo moo – but maybe it’s not such a joke as reality...

In 2012 my husband came home and told me, “I’m leaving school and moving to the ranch.” This was before we were married, so you can imagine my surprise. He said it in a very matter-of-fact, no looking back, I’m doing this sort of tone. I never doubted that he had made up his mind, but there was one thing for certain, I surely wasn't going to drop out of college to move to a cattle ranch.

So for two years, he commuted back and forth, spending the week at the ranch, and coming home on the weekends. I would visit him occasionally, but I still thought of the ranch house as our “vacation home”. It wasn’t until I graduated college in May of 2014 that I realized: this is really happening.

Greg’s uncle, who currently runs the ranch, doubted that we would last more than two years up here. Well, we’ve happily proved him wrong. God, I love this life.

Slowly, we've settled into our 1960s ranch home – which is in the midst of being renovated. I am so grateful for the opportunity to uncover my passion for design and interior spaces through this process. 

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