The Home Depot’s DIH Workshops and More!

April 4, 2016

Let’s do this! I’m not talking about the week… I’m talking about DIH projects! Yep, Do It Herself workshops at the Home Depot! Have you ever been to one? Lately, I have really enjoyed going to different workshops; be it cooking, floral arranging, or for home improvement.

Wait a second; did you know Home Depot provides FREE workshops? I know that I sure didn’t! Turns out, they have a great assortment of workshops that are offered in stores across the nation. From home improvement (DIY), to DIH (do it herself), and kids, they’re bound to have something great for your family.  I am dying to sign up for the raised garden bed workshop happening on April 17th – you can sign up for free!

No matter your skill level, the Home Depot’s workshops are a fun way to spend the day learning basic DIY skills for home improvement or décor projects!

Click to register for the Hanging Gutter Planter DIH workshop April 21st 6:30 pm

I’m extremely excited to share that I have teamed up with the Home Depot, and some fellow amazing bloggers, to share a fun #DIHWorkshop project with all of you! But we’re not just doing any ol’ project – we’re throwing a party! And guess what, you’re invited!! Well, you’re not only invited, we’re really only throwing it for you. We SO hope you’ll tune in to see what we’ve been working on!

When and where? Next Monday morning, right here at Boxwood Avenue!

What are we making? An awesome hanging gutter planter, perfect to kick the season off! 

Join all of us! 

Sandra | The Rustic Life 

Allison | A House and A Dog

Laurie | The Glam Farmhouse

Sarah | Our Vintage Farmhouse 

If you want a jump-start on this Do It Herself Project, pick up a 10 ft. white gutter, 3 sets of gutter caps, white rope, some S hooks, oh, and your favorite potted flowers!

Be sure to tune in next Monday morning for the workshop (read: PARTAY!).

This is a sponsored post by the Home Depot – the opinions are all mine! 

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  1. Such a great idea – I live over in the UK, so haven’t seen anything similar over here. I could do with some DIY lessons!


    • Well, you are lucky to live closer to London than I do! We fell in love with the city. Thank you so much for stopping by!

  2. Wow the planter looks SO cute! I wish I had a Home Depot near me so I could attend the event to make one!

    • The nearest one to me is about 3 hours, but I luckily passed by one the last time i was in town to pick up the supplies!

  3. Such a fun way to display flowers. I had no idea they did workshops for adults. I only knew they did kid workshops. Good to know!

  4. These are lovely. I always wanted to make these – I’m just afraid that I’ll forget to water them. (It always happens.) Good luck!! Can’t wait to see the finished product.

    • haha I am pretty good about watering because I love spending my mornings outside in the garden! Thank you!

  5. This is amazing! Home Depot is my husband’s favorite store in the world, and I never knew they had these workshops. He will be shocked and thrilled when I tell him I’m signing up for a class! : )

    • That is so awesome! It’s my dad’s too! I think these workshops are so great for cementing those foundational skills in (pun intended).

  6. Ooh! I like how this looks! I have to see if I can get a babysitter so I can go to a workshop. Unlikely, but it’ll be fun!

    • Even if you can’t, it’d be fun to get the supplies and make it yourself on the weekend with the kiddos :)