DIY Advent Calendar Idea for a Farmhouse Christmas

November 26, 2018

This vintage wall mount herrison (or bottle drying rack) is the perfect place for our DIY advent calendar this year! Each bag is filled with candies, activities, or bible verses.

Download the free printable tags to make your own advent calendar!

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Last year I put together our DIY advent calendar using vintage grain sifters (see above). I loved the way that project turned out, it is one of my very favorites to date. At the end of the year, I decided to keep the free printable advent calendar tags in a little bag and store them away. When I pulled out my Christmas decor this year and found the tags, I still loved them just as much as I did last year.

I didn’t want to toss them, or start from scratch, so I decided I would re-use them.

I wasn’t exactly sure what I’d attach them to this year, because I wanted to freshen up my idea at least a little bit. Then I saw one of our vintage French bottle drying racks from the shop, and instantly knew it’d be the perfect thing for our DIY advent calendar this year! I have one available in the shop if you are interested, click the button below!

These vintage drying racks (known as a Herrison) are so lovely. I have one in my pantry which we use to store cups on. The unique thing about this particular one is that it can be wall mounted (or learned up against a shelf). I think it would be perfect hung in an entryway and used as a coat rack!

I absolutely love the tiny vintage ornaments I picked up this year, so I attached a few to each baggie. I filled up our bags with treats, and will add activities to some of the days for us to do.

You can write something as simple as “sit by the fire”. I think an advent calendar is a great way to stop and appreciate each day throughout December leading up to Christmas.

For a time that can be so stressful, taking a moment out of each day to be present is really a gift in itself!

How to make your own advent calendar:

Step 1: Download the free printable tags & daily cards.

Step 2: Print & cut each tag / day out.

Step 3: Attach each day to an individual muslin bag. Use glue dots, ribbon, wire, and tiny Christmas accessories (I love finding these in the dollhouse section at craft stores) to decorate each bag.

Step 4: Fill each bag with a daily activity, scripture, or treat.

Step 5: Find a place to hang each baggie up!

Step 6: Each day, open up the day’s advent and enjoy the magic of Christmas!

I hope you are feeling inspired to make your own advent calendar this year! Do you have any other special traditions that you celebrate to help you remain present throughout the month of December?

Don’t forget to check out our Christmas living room, table ideas, and kitchen for Farmhouse Christmas decorating inspiration! As always, thanks so much for stopping by!

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  1. Hi Chloe, I was wondering if you ever plan to sell prints of your goats? Not only am I crazy about goats, but, after watching your Instagram stories for a while now, I’ve fallen in love with your little guys (as I’m sure so many people have).

    Your home is beautiful! Love your Advent calendar idea!