DIY Beaded Tassel Necklace

June 26, 2015

I did a quick etsy search to see if there was a special name for these necklaces, and although I didn’t find one, I did discover that even the most basic version will run you about $50.  I mean seriously!? This has got to be the easiest necklace to make.  Of. All. Time.  No bending, jumping, or molding required, it’s the kind of bead work you did in 3rd grade.  

Now that I’ve convinced you that DIY’ing this is the way to go, let me tell you where I got my inspo from…

The last two times I’ve met up with my girlfriends, someone amongst the group is wearing one of these darling necklaces – one of these being my not-so-next-door-neighbor.  When I asked her where she got it (because I was ready to shell out the $$$ for it) she told me she DIY’ed it.  This was not as surprising as when she told me that she bought all the supplies in town.  WHAT!?  We can’t even get goat cheese up here, but we can get craft supplies?  She had to be kidding.  In fact, she was not.  Apparently (I have yet to go), there is a store in town that sells beads.  This put an instant smile on my face, because as you know, I love crafting, but the two day wait from Amazon or Darby Smart is a real downer when I am full of ideas!  

Like I said, this project is so simple, you could do it with your bambinos.  Enjoy! 


  • Tassels (find some here)
  • Beads on beads on beads (I love etsy, or try a local store!)
  • Fishing string (or proper beading string if you’re fancy) 

Step 1: Measure the length of your necklace with fishing string and cut. 

Step 2: If your tassel has a tie on it, you can remove it if needed, then use a needle to string your cut piece through the center of the top of the tassel to replace the tie. 

Step 3: Add beads onto your string until you’ve reached the “top” on both sides. Leave a little extra room at the end to tie.  If you drop the necklace during the tying phase, try not to loose your cool ; ) 

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    • Thanks for stopping by!! I’d love to see what you do with it! If you’re on instagram, tag me if you post a photo ;) I’m @boxwoodavenue. Have a great day!

      • I finished my necklace and will post it tomorrow with a link to your blog. I did have a problem with the tie. If you remove the tie from a tassel, it falls apart. My first tassel fell apart when I removed the tie. So thankfully I had a second tassel, but I didn’t remove the tie and just tucked it behind and it turned out great. Maybe I didn’t remove the tie right, I don’t know. But I will be mentioning that hiccup in my post.

        • I guess I should have been more clear in my instructions, or perhaps you had a different type of tassel than I did. I am sorry about that! But I am happy you had a second tassel on hand!! Thank you so much for linking to my project, have a wonderful day! Hugs! -C

    • Thanks so much for stopping by, I agree, anything with a tassel is so much fun! Have a lovely day!

  1. I really love all of your jewelry tutorials. I have been wanting to try my hand at making jewelry and some tassel, agate and druzy necklaces for awhile now. Thanks for the inspiration! I am going to be featuring this next Sunday evening on Motivational Monday!


    • Carrie, I’m honored, thank you so much! I hope your readers love this project; thanks for stopping by, and for hosting such a great link party!

  2. Love how this turned out!! I will have to try… I have all the ingredients (for lack of a better word on a pre-coffee mind) on hand!!

    xx B

    • The best ingredients (for crafting haha) are those that you already have on hand! Have fun, I hope it turns out great!

  3. I have been wanting to try my hand at making some beaded tassel necklaces, because they aren’t cheap if you buy them and I want several styles and colors. This post is awesome, thanks for all of your tips! We do have some jewelry stores here, but I never thought about buying tassels or beads from Etsy!


    • Hey Carrie! Thanks for stopping by over here : ) They are super simple, and easy to make! I think they’d make great gifts too! Let me know how it goes. -Chloe