DIY Floral Wreath from Chicken Wire

June 14, 2015

Lately, I’ve been investing my home decor eggs in the whole “glam farm” basket, in hopes of making it a real thing.  Example: we have a ginormous gold frame hanging on an eggplant painted wall, sitting below it, is an iron cow and linen pillow.  I am determined to make it work, even if it’s unconventional. 

Anyways, I had this grand idea to build a frame the other day.  If you follow me on snapchat (username…you guessed it! BoxwoodAvenue), you would’ve seen the video of me using Greg’s power tools when he wasn’t home.  This is partially because whenever I want to use any of his tools when he is home, he treats me like I’m a child running with scissors (we’re working on gender equality over here: I use his tools, he helps with the dishes). 

The frame has yet to be completed, but my vision is a high gloss black frame, backed with chickenwire (I am calling that “glam farm” – work with me here).  This floral wreath is a result of having chicken wire and fresh flowers in a 30 foot radius while waiting for wood glue to dry.  Enjoy!


  • Chicken Wire
  • Something Circular (I used an extra skill-saw blade because that’s the first round thing I saw, this was dangerous, and I don’t really recommend it.) 
  • Wire Cutters
  • Fresh Flowers (the majority of which being greenery)

Step 1: Lay your non life-threatening circular object on top of one layer of chicken wire; use the wire cutters to snip along the edge to form a circle of wire.  Do this twice, so you have two layers. 

Step 2: Overlay the two circles, and bend any poking out wire back to secure the two layers of chicken wire together. 

Step 3: Use a slightly smaller circular object to cut out a circle from the center, like a doughnut.  Or just eyeball it. 

Step 4: Start weaving greenery throughout the wire.  Use a lot of greenery.  More greenery than you think is necessary.  You want a minimal amount of wire visible. 

Step 5: Now, insert fresh flowers into the rest of the wreath, and viola, you’ve got yourself a beautiful wreath to hang in your frame that is probably not dry yet.  So don’t take off the wood glue clamps.  Just trust me on that one. 

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