DIY Cricut Vinyl Christmas Sign

December 16, 2015

Did you check out my first Cricut project over on Today’s Creative Life? It’s one of my favorite projects of the year. I love it’s simplicity, and crispness. 

This project is a little different. It’s got a whole lot of vintage. Something I generally try to stay far away from, but my house is “vintage”, and I am trying to work with it here.

What happens when life hands you woodpannel walls? You paint them eggplant. Obviously. Then you replace the light fixture with a farmhouse RH pendant, and you’ve got yourself an updated foyer. It might not be the entryway of my dreams, but it’s what I’ve got for the time being. 

One of the vintage pieces I do LOVE, is this big ‘ol gold mirror. I truly don’t think it will go out of style, like ever. So I decided to spruce her up for the holidays and add a bit more gold to the mix. 

I simply measured the mirror, then typed out the font using Cricut’s Design Space, and sized everything out to fit (I had to turn ‘world’ and ‘rejoices’ into two separate words to fit onto the mat).

I cut the vinyl, and used transfer tape to place onto the mirror. Use a non permanent marker to mark light lines, so that you place the words straight. Use a bit of Windex to remove these lines as you go.  

PS: Do you see my little farm vignette in the bottom left corner? It’s so cheesy, but I just love it. Every time I walk by, I crack up…

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