DIY Derby Day Floral Crowns & Hats

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Published: May 3, 2016 |

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Get all of the Derby Day Party inspiration you need right here with flower crown hats, bud vases, horse shoe menus, and so much more!

In my opinion a great party is filled with flowers. Actually, my dream party would just be in a field of flowers foraging them into arrangements and flower crowns and prancing around like fairies. That would be my dream, but somehow I don’t think Williams-Sonoma would be on board with that.

When we were planning the Derby Day party, Kelly and I decided it would much more appropriate to include a DIY flower crown station for everyone to make their hats a little more fabulous. 

You can find me prancing around in mine this Thursday at Williams-Sonoma in Sonoma from 3-6 (yes, they put a time limit on my prancing).

If you’re not in the area, and want to recreate this yourself – head to Whole Foods and grab a few bundles of greenery from the 2 for $10 buckets, and while you’re there, select a few bundles of flowers too. Set them up in buckets and style the same way you would style a bar – only with flowers (so much better than booze)!

When you’re ready to make the ‘crowns’, cut small pieces of greenery so that the stems are 3-4” long, then cut a few flowers so that their stems measure about 2” long (just long enough to secure into place). Arrange the greenery and flowers into a small bundle (sort of like a boutonnière).

Once you’re happy with the way your bundle is looking (it’s a bundle – you really can’t go wrong here), you can use a bit of floral tape and wire to secure it all together.

Finally, us a little piece of wire to attach to ribbon. Tie the ribbon around the base of the hat, and you’re all finished!

This serves as the ultimate party favor! Who doesn’t want to take flowers home!? As I wrote this post I had the genius idea to make the goats flower crowns and have a goat-o-shoot with them in said flower crowns. Stay tuned.

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