Painted Eggshells for an Easy Easter Centerpiece

March 17, 2015

Use eggshells as miniature vases to create this easy Easter centerpiece!

Spring has finally sprung (for most of us – feeling for all of you on the East Coast), and that means we can finally enjoy being outside once again. I love being outside and in the garden, the only downside is the mosquito population. Up here, we don’t have the ‘normal’ amount of mosquitos, we have more mosquitos than you could ever imagine.  Down where the fields are irrigated, the mosquitos are so thick, that if you get out of the truck you will be swarmed (and I imagine: eaten alive).

Luckily we live a bit up and out of the irrigated land, but somehow the mosquitos still find us.  In particular, they find me.  I don’t know why I attract mosquitos, but if there is a mosquito in a 50 mile radius, it will find me, and it will stick it’s gross little needle nose in me, leaving me with a huge itchy welt.  Anyways, the moral of this story is that I love spring up here, because the mosquitos have yet to find me and the weather is nice enough to be outside and in the garden.

When we first moved into our house at the ranch, the garden beds had been completely taken over by sod, weeds, and what I lovingly named “the plant of death” (which in reality was just a perennial that got a little carried away with himself and took over our whole front lawn).  We spent most of last summer pampering the garden beds and digging up sod from areas that it should have never spread to.  However, I wasn’t able to tackle the death plant.  His roots were already so deep by July that there was no getting rid of him.  So I settled on planting perennials in other places, but vowed to get rid of him before he had a chance to grow the next spring.

Well, I’ve kept that vow, and last week said goodbye to Mr. Death Plant (fingers crossed).  I spent all afternoon digging up the two sides of the walkway where he was rooted, which will hopefully keep his seeds from spreading into our lawn this year.   Now our front yard is finally starting to take shape, and right now all of the bulbs Greg’s grandmother planted at our house when she lived in it are in full bloom.  There are quite literally hundreds of daffodils, irises, and hyacinths, which make out front yard smell like a florists shop.  I love cutting these flowers and brining them inside, and I’ve been dying to recreate this look from pinterest.  So here ya go ladies and gents, make your own little eggshell vases and fill them with fresh flowers!


  • eggshells
  • paint in varying colors
  • paint brushes
  • accessories (moss, flowers, candelabras, etc…)

Step 1: Use a sharp knife to crack the eggs. I found that it worked best to crack just the top off, leaving most of the ‘fat’ part of the egg to paint.  It was more ‘vase’ like when all said and done.  You can save the yolk and white in a container and refrigerate so that nothing is wasted! Rinse the shells out, and let them dry.

Step 2: Apply the paint!  Get creative!  Or skip this step altogether for an au natural look.  I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint because I love the matte finish it leaves.  Then I speckled the shells with black and white paint, and brushed gold on the tops.

Step 3: Start arranging your flowers.  I filled the eggshells with a bit of water, layered them on top of some moss and made little arrangements.

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  1. This is so gorgeous!! I wouldn’t have ever thought to do this myself, so thank you for sharing your tutorial. I have recently come to the conclusion that my Achilles Heel is Easter Egg decorating. I’m terrible at it! Haha!