DIY Flamingo & Pineapple Party Cups

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Posted: 07/21/2016·

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Make these DIY flamingo & pineapple cups for your next pool party!

I have told you about my aversion to the tassel trend (resisted at all costs…until I didn’t). Now you won’t find me at the pool without my DIY tassel tote.

I was in the same boat with the flamingo and pineapple trend. I was avoiding it. Didn’t want anything to do with it. Scoffed at every pineapple I came across, that was until I had this idea.

Pineapples & flamingos on cups.

Now I am a full fledged member of the pink flamingo club. The very same club that snacks on pineapples, wears tassels, and rides around on white swan floaties. We eat donuts too. Then we instagram about it.

These DIY glasses are so cute for a summer pool party, and only take a few minutes to whip up. The best part? They are totally removable. Which means you can definitely expect some holiday versions later this year!

PS: Did you know pineapples grow on the ground? I legitimately had NO clue. It wasn’t until I was sipping a cocktail on our honeymoon that I came across a planted pineapple, and had this revelation. Maybe you knew? But if you didn’t, I hope you’re as astonished as I was.

DIY Pink Flamingo & Pineapple

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Open up this Cricut project, load up some vinyl, and cut each shape out.

You can remove the pineapples quite easily, and place onto the glasses, but the flamingos take a little more work.

Cut the flamingos into rectangular trios (like the pineapples shown below). Remove the surrounding vinyl so that you’re left with just the flamingos. This is where the tweezers come in handy!

To place the flamingos on the glasses, cut a rectangle of transfer tape out, remove the backing, and place it over the flamingos. Remove the vinyl backing, and attach the transfer tape & flamingos onto the glasses.

Use your finger to smooth the flamingos into place, then remove the transfer tape, and voila!


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    • No need to reply, I re-read your instructions and found your link to the Cricut. Thank you so much!!! Going to enjoy making these for my sister in law for a Christmas gift.