DIY: The Cutest Gold Animal Gift Boxes

January 5, 2015

A long story with only one sentence related to this project, stay with me now:

My closest friends know how much I love breads and sweets.  I can put down a bucket of pasta no problem, then finish off a bundt cake for dessert.  If I could eat like that and not gain an ounce I probably would (even though, clearly – that’s not healthy).

I’m the type of person who has to be all in or not at all, so when I commit to dieting I really commit, and when I commit to not dieting, I am one happy girl.  I’ve found that I can generally diet in spurts.  Thanksgiving through New Years I let myself eat whatever I want, then eat Paleo, New Years through Thanksgiving.  During my diet months I have certain weekends where I allow myself to cheat (holidays, birthdays, etc).  Valentine’s Day is the first cheat weekend of the New Year – so this makes me REALLY love Valentine’s Day.  Greg and I consider it our anniversary, I get to eat cake, and I get to make cute crafts.  Hence this little animal box.

After all of the Christmas crafts, I generally need a break from DIY-ing, but I had these little animals and empty boxes left over from ornaments I made this year, and I thought they would make the perfect courier for Valentine trinkets.  Fill them up with a bit of shredded paper, a love note, and a token to show your affection to your Valentine.  (See, I told you there would be a sentence about this project.)  Oh, ps:  I think these would make great wedding favor boxes / escort cards too!


  • Paint (any color, I chose chalkboard paint because I wanted to write names on the exterior.)
  • Gold [Spray] Paint (I was out of spray paint, but I highly encourage you to use it, it will expedite the whole project.)
  • Animal Figures (I got mine at Michael’s)
  • Paper Mache Boxes
  • Really Good Glue

Step 1:  Gather your supplies and begin painting your boxes, apply a few layers.  If you decided to use these as escort cards, you could fill them with a small favor and write the guest’s name in chalk on the box!

Step 2:  Spray paint your animals gold (or whatever color you prefer), I was out of spray paint and it took me 4 layers of gold paint to completely cover my animals.

Step 3:  Use glue to secure your animals to the lids of your boxes.  Then let completely dry.

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    • I think I got the stamp from the Target dollar bins, it was either there, or from a Michael’s dollar bin. Love hunting through the bins, I always find great stuff! Thanks for stopping by! -Chloe

    • Thanks so much!! I wouldn’t say I’m completely Paleo, when I’m on it, I allow tiny bits of cheese and a little sour cream (because let’s face it life’s no fun without sour cream). I think your kale and potato recipe would be super easy to convert paleo if you nixed the butter and used a different thickener instead of cream. That recipe looks delicious!