DIY Gold Gilded Coasters

August 3, 2015

Coasters are one of those funny little accessories that I managed to turn into a very big deal in my head. When I began searching for the perfect coaster for our bar area, I didn’t realized that it was possible to have 348,903 tabs open, and not love a single one of them (except these). However, paying $30+ for coasters, wasn’t in my game plan, so when in doubt? DIY! 

I love the blank canvas that these tiles provide, because the possibilities are really endless; heck, even leaving them plain white would look good! But, I added a very girly touch to them by writing cute little sayings with my favorite paint pen ever. $13 never looked so good!

Coaster Supplies:

  • Sakura Paint Pen in Gold 
  • 4″ ceramic tiles
  • Aleene’s Sealant Spray


Step 1: Practice writing your sayings out on a blank piece of paper. 

Step 2: Once you’re confident in your handwriting, shake up your pen to get the ink flowing, then write directly onto your tiles. 

Step 3: Once the writing is dry, spray a coat of sealant onto the coasters, this isn’t completely necessary because the paint pen is permanent, but it does add some extra durability. 


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    • The gold paint pen dries very quickly and is permanent unless you really really try at it. I’m sure mod podge would work! I don’t think sealing is necessary unless you plan on really using these hard. The only thing that might happen is the gold scratching off a bit. : )