DIY Halloween Wine Gift Bags

October 16, 2014

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am a sucker for packaging.  I am a firm believer that beautiful packaging makes or breaks the product (gift or not).  If you plan on giving wine as a hostess gift, a cute way to dress up the bottle is by wrapping it up in a pretty dish towel.  However,  if you’ve only got wine on hand, your party is tomorrow, and you don’t have time to go buy something, then boy do I have a solution for you!

Supplies List:

  •  TAP Paper, I SWEAR by it!  If you don’t have any, just use your favorite transfer paper.  If you want to skip the image transfer part altogether, hey, that’s fine!  Just quickly stitch your fabric together, tie it up with a bow and a kraft paper label!
  • Scrap fabric of your choice
  • Iron
  • Ribbon
  • Wine
  • Sewing Machine (I suppose you could just use glue if you didn’t want to sew!)

Step 1: Cut your fabric 13″ x 5″ on a fold (so that the 5″ side is on the fold).

Step 2: Iron and stitch a 1/2 inch hem on each side the top of your rectangle, this is where you’ll slide the wine in, so you want a nice finish at the top (see photo 2 in gallery below).

Step 3: Fold the bag so it is ‘right’ side out, with the hems on the inside.

Step 4: Download and print the image you would like to use on your bag onto your transfer paper: halloween or grapeful.  Be sure that the image scale is set to 100% when you print (for some reason my printer automatically fits the image to the page making the image way too big).

Step 5: Cut your image as close to the edges as possible so that there is minimal white edging.

Step 6: Place your image onto the ‘right’ side of your bag.  If you think of your bag as a bottle, place the image where the wine label would be.

Step 7: Iron your transfer onto your fabric.  Press HARD, and use the hottest heat setting.

Step 8: Fold the bag back so that the ‘wrong’ side is out, and stitch down the long sides.  As you get to the bottom let your machine arc inwards so that your bag is shaped more like a vase than a rectangle (see the last photo in the gallery).  Trim extra fabric off and turn right side out, slip your bottle in, tie with a ribbon, and you’re good to go!

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  1. Thank you so much for turning me onto TAP paper! I can’t believe I have never heard of it until now. And your hostess wine bags are a delight; I especially love the grapeful pun! That’s right up my punny alley. So glad you commented on my 10 Tips for New Bloggers post, so I would have the opportunity to visit you in your bloggy home. It’s a fantastic place!

    • Hi Lauren! It’s nice to ‘meet’ you too ; ) I really enjoy reading your blog tips they were soooo helpful. Thanks for connecting all us ‘silhouetters’ too! I am thinking of doing a comprehensive post all about TAP paper, because it seriously rocks the socks off other transfer paper. Love your punny posts on your blog – blessing in disguise made me literally ‘lol’. It’s nice to make a new blog friend!