DIY Jingle Bell Napkin Ring

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Posted: 12/19/2015·

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Last week I was visiting my “local” (3 hours away) William Sonoma, and I saw some jingle bell napkin rings. I thought they were absolutely adorable! A lot of the time, my DIY inspiration comes from things I see. So when I picked up those jingle bell napkin rings I thought, I could totally make these (and for half the price). I can’t find the link to the WS version, but I bet your local store still has some in stock (in case you don’t have a DIY bone in your body). But, if you do, here’s how to recreate them!

Jingle Bell Napkin Rings


A few bags of miniature jingle bells 

Wire Cutters 


Step 1: Cut a 6″ piece of wire. String one bell on, and twist the wire to secure it at the end. 

Step 2: String the rest of the bells on until you reach the end of the wire. 

Step 3: Form a circle with the bells, and twist the end part of the wire to secure the shape. Repeat until you have enough for your Christmas table!

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  1. I I love these am gonna get my supplies and the white napkins and make some for my friendsfor Christmas. Thanks for the great idea!!