DIY Jingle Bell Wine Glass Charm

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Posted: 12/22/2015·

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Every year Greg and I go to a black tie party in Reno, it’s so fun to get all dressed up (and leave the boots at home)! At this year’s party, they had aerial dancers hanging from the ceiling, and when the guests walked by, the dancers would drop from the ceiling and pour a glass of champagne. It was so fabulous! I wanted them to keep pouring me glasses of champagne over and over again because I loved the display so much! 

That is a pretty extravagant ‘detail’ to implement into your holiday hostessing, but in my opinion, great hostessing is all about those little details coming together. It’s making sure umbrellas are available in case of rain, having a candle burning in the bathroom, placing vases of fresh flowers out, and remembering that Julie’s husband doesn’t eat garlic. You want your guests to feel comfortable enough to lounge on your couch, but special enough to be eating off of your finest china. 

I love having people over to our house, and am always thinking of special details to add into each get together. Wine charms are one of the easiest things to make to spruce up for any party! These took me about 10 minutes to make, and they make such a statement! They are the perfect way to greet your guests to get them in the festive mood. How will they be able to resist jingle bell champagne!? 


  • Bells
  • Wire
  • Wire Cutters

Step 1: Cut a few 3″ piece of wire, string a bell onto it, then bend each side in to form a loop, leaving a small gap open on one side to make a small hook. 

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