DIY Valentine’s Day Kisses Sweater Using Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV Vinyl) & Cricut

January 29, 2016

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Create your own Valentine’s’ Day sweater decorated with kisses using heat transfer vinyl (htv vinyl) and Cricut.

How to make a DIY Valentine’s Day Sweater Using Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV vinyl) & Cricut

Do you ever see something expensive that you want and think to yourself, “Maybe I can just make that myself?” Well, that’s the story of my life. Can anyone relate!? I am on a constant hunt for “I can make that” projects. So when I saw a kisses sweater on Pinterest, a little DIY light bulb popped up over my head. I can totally make that! 

So I ordered a sweater, and some HTV, and waited. When my supplies arrived, I was so excited to get started. I purchased a set of kisses graphics and began to make. The sweater was about $35, the HTV about $20 and the graphic $5. This became a very expensive sweater. Luckily, I’ve found some really great sweater alternatives below (some for as low as $5), so that you don’t feel bad about tackling this project. 

How to Apply Heat Transfer Vinyl?

Be sure to have your iron on a very high heat setting before you attempt ironing on your design. You can use a thin towel or a piece of parchment paper in between the iron and the vinyl. Next, apply the heat to the vinyl for between 8 – 35 seconds depending on the design, type of vinyl, etc. For more information on htv transfers, this article from the Pinning Mama is very helpful!

What are the Best Heat Transfer Vinyl Sheets?

In this project, I decided to use Siser Easyweed vinyl sheets. From my experience, vinyl sheets can be very hit or miss, so it’s important to look at reviews in order to find ones that will work well for you! I have always had a good experience with Siser Easyweed, so I typically stick with those.

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Enjoy this tutorial for how to make DIY Valentine’s Day Sweaters Using HTV Vinyl & a Cricut

DIY Valentine’s Day Sweater

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Step 1: Download the kisses graphic, open the file and select which set you’d like to use. Open up the Cricut design software, and create a new project. 

Step 2: Select ‘upload image’ and upload the kisses file you selected. Add this image as a cut file rather than a print and cut. Once uploaded, insert the image into the design space. Resize to your desired size (mine are about 2″x1.5″), and copy and paste enough times to fill up a 12×12 piece of vinyl. 

Step 3: Cut the vinyl. This takes a while, so while you’re waiting – make some of this

Step 4: Once the vinyl is finished being cut, you can add more vinyl and cut more lips, or get started on the transfer process. 

Step 5: To transfer: peel off the excess vinyl around the lips, and weed out any little pieces with tweezers. : ) 

Step 6: Once all of your kisses are ready to go, begin transferring. Follow the directions on the package for best results! 

For reference – I used about 18 sets of kiss marks! I did notice that they were beginning to peel a little, so I would suggest using a cotton based sweater – I’ve linked a few above! Also make sure you buy iron on vinyl!

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    • Thank you! It is one of those tank top button downs – pretty sure Theory?? Probably from Nordstrom Rack :)

  1. Hi! I love everything about this post! I’d like to try doing it myself, but the link for the HTV doesn’t work. Can you help?

  2. I can’t get to the lip graphic. My search on Etsy wasn’t turning up what I think I need. Can you help me out?

    Absolutely love this and wanted to do this with my grand daughters.


    • Hi Sheri! I’m so excited you plan on making this with your grandkids! Here is a link to the lips I used: I only used one of them, but the set comes with something like 18. If I remember correctly I used number 14. I copied it and pasted into a new file on its own and re-saved it. Then uploaded it into the cricut design studio, and saved as a cut file.